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9/13/2005 5:19 pm

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Men's Health

OK Guys, it's time we had that little talk.

There's something not all of us are terribly mindful of. Something we don't understand terribly well. So I'll put it to you straight.

We stink.

Not just at picking up women, but we really stink.


If you ever want to get anywhere with a woman, you need to understand that they are sensual creatures. Clubbing them and dragging them off to your cave is no longer socially acceptable. And they cary 'MACE' these days, so don't even try it!

The most sensetive of all the human senses, the one which a woman has much more attuned than a man, is smell. And it can pick up BO and halitosis EVEN THROUGH THE 12 LITRES OF BRUT33 YOU HAVE ON TO COVER IT!!! Come to think of it, Brut33 ain't that great a choice either.

It's not difficult to improve your sex appeal. First, shower regularly. All of you, not just the head or back. And with soap. Use a deodorant. Regularly. Brush your teeth. Change and wash your clothes regularly. Often, even.

And when useing fragrances, use it sparingly. Don't try to gas them unconscious! Also, seek advice from the woman (and yes, it IS preferable to ask a woman) at the counter in chosing a scent.

OK guys, that about wraps it up. Now, HIT THOSE SHOWERS!!

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