Kiwi placenames  

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9/4/2005 11:45 pm

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Kiwi placenames

Now listen VERY carefull, I will type this only once:


Yes, that's one word.

It's also a place name.

If you want me to pronounce it - it's going to cost you!!

And to complicate things, for some peculiar reason, the proper Maori pronounciation of the 'WH' sound in the word, is 'F'!

Now that's fine in the above, but most Maori placenames that start with WH, often contain, immediately following it, an AK.

And no, it's NOT pronounced whack!

Imagine that. trying to pronounce to a stranger, a name like Whakatina (fak-a-tina) or Whackapepe (fak-a-pay-pay) or Whakataki (Fak-a-taki).

It makes it very difficult to tell you're grandmother where you've been today!!

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