Is it true?  

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10/6/2005 8:08 pm

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Is it true?

Is it true?

Do I really talk like I write?

Sometimes I think that the last thing Dame Barbara Cartland did before dying was to re-wire my brain.

Yes, I actually think like I write. Maybe I don't always talk like it, but nowadays, my mind thinks in poetry.

Take for example, the simple question "What is your favourite colour?".

In the past, my answer may have been simple.

But now, it's more complicated:
I don't have a favourite but if I were to chose, I'd say blue. No, not just blue, but the soft, pale blue of the sky in the early hours before sunrise. The pale blue of promise, the promise that the day ahead holds joy. The soft and trusting pale blue of hope in a young girl's innocent eyes, as she looks into her lover's eyes before their first kiss. That blue.

And that's how I think.

The anwer's roughly the same but the way I got there is miles apart.

So, do I mean what I say when I talk like that to a woman?

Well, there's an interesting question.
A woman needs to know certain things. And she needs to believe them. But flattery is by nature insincere.

So I don't flatter. I'll joke a little, but when I give a compliment, It's genuine. Sincere. True.

Because lying is not in my nature. Even if I could say it poetically.

So, yes. I'm truthful. And Honest. As much as a man can be. And If I tell you that your eyes are like a deep tropical lagoon, or that your hair is so soft as a warm summer breeze, it's because that is how I truly percieve it.

I always say, "It's not a compliment, I'm just telling you how it is".

And if I can see beauty in everything, then just go with me, let me show you how to see it too. And enjoy the ride.

Life IS beautiful.

You just have to open your eyes and your mind a little.

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