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11/3/2005 3:51 pm

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Friends. With benefits.

What the hell do women mean by that?

Benefits?? Like what?
Free car parking?
Health insurance?
Steak knives?????

Really! Don't beat around the bush.

What you really want is a shag. Pure and simple.

You just want it from somebody who can respect you as a friend.

So you're not that different to men in that regard.

But what do you do? Screw the jerks! Why? Because they're the ones who step forward and say "Me Me!".

In this day and age - remember, we're living in the "Naughty Oughties" - nice men, real men, caring men don't want to be pushy or overbearing. So they'll wait for 'signals' or a first move from the woman. And we men are terrible at picking them.

So you pick the jerk and get burned, and the nice guys you dream of sit in darkness and lonliness waiting.

Make the first move. Be bold but not pushy. You have the power, use it.

Make eye contact.
Smile at him.

If he doesn't respond, he's probably intimidated by your good looks. Make a move and say hello.
Nothing more. A polite hello with eye contact and a smile.

He'll melt. He'll go weak at the knees. He will be lost for what to say. Guide the conversation. Ask questions. Let him answer. Listen to what he says. You can pick the jerks and liars.

Then you'll have him. A nice guy. A gentle guy. The one you'd like to be friends with. See where it goes.

Don't become like the male BS'er.
Friends with benefits! Rubbish!

Just start with friends if you really care.

Or just advertise for sex if you don't. You'll get it! But you'll get it from guys who don't care. Do you really want that?

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