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10/26/2005 6:53 pm

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So I'm Jogging again.

I say 'again', but really, I last jogged over 20 years ago! And even then it wasn't a serious thing, just a way of 'warming up' the day before an athletics meet.

I've been walking for excercise and weight loss for some months now and needed to take it up a notch.

What really surprised me was how easy it was. I'm fitter now (cardio-vascular) then I was at 18, and I was a right hunk then! I have low blood pressure and heart rate and better muscle tone so I just upped an ran!

But the problem I have is twofold.

First, my shorts. I bought running shorts recently. They've changed in the lst 20 years! They now show more leg than a Rio Carnivale dancer and flap about flashing my butt a lot. They also have a lining which is designed so you don't need underwear. Very sexy idea, but not very 'supportive' let me tell you!

So I'm jogging around, with the fresh air blowing up my shorts, and all I'm thinking about is sex! That's my second problem. Bit obvious, eh?

So I'm dreaming of sex. Lots of sex. With any of the women jogging past. On the jogging track, in the park, in a passing car. And so my mind's off in la-la land having fabulous sex, my legs are off on a run and my willie is trying to steer me towards the nearest woman on the off chance she's thinking the same thing!

Life's hell, I tell you!!

I wonder what the women joggers are thinking of.....

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