Captain Insano (Ta-Daaaa!!)  

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9/13/2005 5:32 pm

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Captain Insano (Ta-Daaaa!!)

I am a superhero!

I always knew.

But recently a friend gave me my super-name.
I am Captain Insano! (Play theme music now!)

I have a cape. It's brown. Hey, I scare easily, allright!

My puce shirt has my logo on it - a rubber chicken in a bath of banana custard, over a field of drunken budgies.

I wear bicycle shorts. Cause I have a cute butt.

My boots are black leather, high heeled and sexy as all hell.

I have a utility belt. It's Soooo cool! It put's Batman to shame.

Here's what's in it:

A spanner. For tightening up loose women.

A can of WD-40. For loosening up tight women.

A can of pheremone spray. For getting near the women in the first place. Especially dressed like this.

A bag of candy. For younger women.

A bag of money. For older women.

A spare pair of super-undies. In case I get hit by a bus.

A set of silk scarves.

A recording of my theme song (Aint it great to be crazy).

A pice of string. Could be handy.

Breath mints.

Packet of custard powder.

Budgie feathers.

and finally, a note that says;
"This is Captain Insano. I'm here to help you. Just take of your clothes, lie back and do whatever I say."

Geez I'm cool!!

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