Beer & tales  

Notbigbutwilling 49M
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6/25/2006 3:57 am
Beer & tales

Beers opened, tales swapped.

Who knows who's exaggerating.

Maybe lying.

It's beer and bullshit time.

Beer, pretzels and bullshit.

Man talk.

"So, I'm hovering over the IP, somwhere deep in a forest in XXXXXX, inserting a team of XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX to look for evidence of war crimes. We'd been told it was relatively clear but to be ready for trouble.

The IR sweep showed negative but suddenly, as the lads were sliding down the ropes, I feel an almighty thump as an ear-splitting BANG echoes throughout the interior.

The tail end of the chopper's slewing and I yell through the intercom. "OUT, OUT, OUT. Everybody out NOW!!"

"You too!" I yell to XXXXXXX next to me. He grimaces, but unplugs, unstraps and runs.

Smoke begins to fill the cabin.

I need to get this heap away from the IP before it kills someone on the ground.

It barely hoplds together as I pull it away to a neaby clearing. Killing everything, it flops dowm with a crunch, nosing over into the soft forest earth.

I'm dazed. The door's jammed against a rock - no time to drop the undercarriage. Or hydraulics for that matter.

I unstrap. My back aches from the jolt.

Rushing up and out the back, I am nearly out, but my back is covered in spilled fuel from a ruptured fuel cell. A shot. A bullet nearly misses. But it hits the back and sparks.

I'm ablaze.
My back burns.My head saved by my helmet, I drop clear and roll.



Brief gunfire.

Friendly hands, rolling me. Patting out the flames.

We look back at the smouldering wreck of the helicopter.

I hear a voice. Distant but close. It sounds like mine.

"And I just had it washed!"

What happened?

An RPG round. Lucky shot.
Kid of 15! The lads have him. Frightened but defiant he doesn't realise how lucky he is to be alive!

The XXXXXXXXX are experts. They don't muck about. But they don't kill kids either.

Now I have to tag along. At least until we can get another taxi out to take me back.

50km walk. Burnt back. Good thing it was bloody freezing up there."

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