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6/27/2005 9:00 pm

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I've read in a lot of profiles how people "don't want anyone with baggage." My first thought is "Get Real!" If you're going to filter out anybody who has emotional baggage then you're limiting yourself to infants. And last time I checked, that's illegal.

Our emotional background, good and bad, is what makes us unique. None of us would be the people we are today, nor have the experiences (or lack thereof in some areas) without our baggage.

I think a more realistic approach would be to see how well a person carries that baggage.

Case in point: I personally have endured a number of tragedies in my life that have left permanent scars. My first sexual experience (I consider it the time that I lost my virginity) was when I was effectively as a teen.

Fast-forward about 10 years and I had another traumatic experience: My son passed away, three weeks before his first birthday due to complications from his premature birth.

As Lemony Snicket said: "If you have ever lost someone very important to you, then you already know how it feels; and if you haven't, you cannot possibly imagine it." The point is, the damage is done. The scars are permanent and no amount of cosmetic surgery will get rid of them.

Given the tools at my disposal, I've dealt with mine the best I can. I'm not going to pretend that something in my past didn't happen just to satisfy someone looking for a companion who is traveling light. But by the same token, I try not to dwell on the past. My personal goal is to recognize what has happened to me and try to learn from it.

Unfortunately, I suspect that simply acknowledging that I've had negative experiences means I'm going to be passed up by potential partners.

And that, of course, is going to lead to more emotional baggage

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6/28/2005 4:55 am

Noodle...Great post! Your post very much relates to my blog entry of No Strings Attached. Those who find themselves determined to have experiences that involve no risk of emotional baggage or emotional exposure, have plenty of their own baggage! It most definitely comes down to how the baggage is handled. Thank you for this post!

NoodleFrontity 56M
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6/28/2005 8:23 pm

And thanks for the comment. After reading yours I have to agree. I have to admit to being a noob to this blogging, chatting, e-dating business. When I read your profile I thought to myself "What has she got against Dungeons & Dragons?" and then it occured to me what you meant by D&D.

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7/2/2005 11:36 pm

Had to check the blog of the guy who likes evanesence, George Benson and Ludacris.
Have you heard the remix yet? LOL. Hope you're having a great day. Keep blogging!!

NoodleFrontity 56M
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7/3/2005 11:40 am

"heard the remix"?!? Who do you think mixed it? Well, OK, maybe I didn't mix it but (although not listed in my profile), mixing & making music is among my hobbies.

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