Women of Brampton,,, You want it, I have it.... just speak out  

Noname1600 31M
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1/3/2006 3:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Women of Brampton,,, You want it, I have it.... just speak out

This network is great.
Im not knocking it.
Its just that you must pay a hefty amount just to contact other members....
Well me... no I'm just a basic member.
ALL i want is to write an email to some members.
SO should I pay for this service... even though I may only be able to use a few times a month.

AM I WRONG..... can I contact other basic, silver, or gold members????????????
no.... I dont think so.

And what do I do... anyone???

Shall I wait for a higher member to stumble across the hidden gem that is me....
No one will ever see my partially complete profile because... it's hiding at the bottom of the charts somewhere.....

Have you seen it..
AM I the only person in the GTA who just wants casual sex.......?
I know there are willing women around here...
come out come out...handle


doit4joy 59M
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1/3/2006 9:37 pm

Noname,,, please be patient..
It is not easy to find sexual partner, rather it is much harder here than going gym or other social places.
But eventually some (considering ratio Men vs Women is 50:1) lucky guy will get partners for excitement.
By some reason, so far I haven't got any success with Brampton women, I always have to travel other cities.

rm_MasterHump 38M
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1/4/2006 2:18 pm

welcome to "blog"ville looking forward to reading more of your posts

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