The day the Donut got revenge!  

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3/3/2006 1:06 pm

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The day the Donut got revenge!

Well today Sony managed to get one up on Penny Arcade by sending them 1200 donuts! Yes, it's a inside thing if you have not followed it, but in short they have had a online cat fight going on for a week or so.

But hey, your not interested in that, or if you are comment/send me a message and I'll send you more details. Second entry of the blog, doing good, getting close to beat my old blog record here! Anyway, today was a good day, got a message to my e-mail I had a message waiting on AdultFriendFinder and of course I can't log in from work (the IT admins would throw a hissy fit over that one!).

Interesting message, looks like I'll have a new meeting soon with another AFFer which should be pleasureable for both of us.

Except for that did I manage to with the "stupid mistake of the week" award today so the message evened things out. What I won it for? I ordered a new computer chassi (the shell on the outside) and thought I had ordered a light weight version in aliminium around 10kg total. When the post man (as always!) delivered a note that I was out when he came by I decided to simply carry the box (around 100cm, 80cm, 25cm big) home directly from their office around a click (1 km) away.

Well turns out the bloody box was normal metal version and it weighted in at 25kg with another package with spare parts at 3kg. No car with me as I thought I would not need it, just I, me and myself would be enough. Well, lets just say it took just a wee bit longer and my arms was feeling like jelly beans afterwards but it did end up home. Of course in my stupid pride I refused to call up a friend or a cab to get it home, male pride at it's best I guess!

Time to wrap this up and leave you guys and girls to it, remember to keep your hands below the sheets as always!

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