you don't know how easy you got it!  

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7/16/2005 1:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

you don't know how easy you got it!

What is with the women on this site complaining that they get too much email and too many winks and too many invites? Do you know how good you really have it? Basically, whenever you want to meet someone for sex, all you have to do is open your email, and there's plenty of good men willing to help you out. Would you rather have too much interest or none at all? The problem that I have is that it's so damn hard to separate myself from all the other guys on this site - there's no way to rise above and actually be noticed. Now, not to toot my own horn here, but seems there's no one else tooting it lately. I would treat you well. I would do everything I can to make sure you feel good. I would give you a massage, or whatever you needed to really feel good. I care about how you feel. Who doesn't want to feel good? Honestly! I'm a caring, gentle, warm, and honest man. I want to spend some time with a woman and make her feel good. I can't stress enough how much interest I have in pleasing you! I am even learning how to last longer in bed so that I can help you achieve orgasms. I want to know that you've gotten everything you can out of our time together, whatever we're doing. I want you to know that you're not a conquest, you're not a piece of meat, you're not just tits with legs.

Tonight I saw more sexuality around me than I've ever seen in my life. Girlfriends were there with their boyfriends practically dry-humping on the pool table. One waitress was even completely topless, only wearing some leis and little daisy decals over her nipples. At the end of the evening, she received a back rub from a friend (who was there with his girlfriend even) and it turned into an erotic massage. I saw with my own eyes his hands completely over her breasts. She loved it. She let him grope her at the bar, where people could see, especially his girlfriend.

On the way home, all I could think about was how nothing in this life is really fair. I'm a good guy. I treat women like queens. I am willing to bend over backwards and donate my right kidney if it means you'll have a good time. All I want is to share some sensual moments with a nice woman. Is that too much to ask for? Why couldn't they have been my hands on her breasts? Why couldn't it have been me that was being kissed and hugged by these women? I think I deserve some nookie, to be completely honest. I would love nothing more than to have a romantic evening become an erotic night. It's not much to ask, really. I guarantee that you'll feel good. That's all I want.

Women, think twice before you complain. You came to a sex site looking for nice romantic sexual intimacy. There are guys here that can give that to you. Don't shut us all out simply because you're overwhelmed. In many ways, it's just not fair to those of us that deserve a chance.

The worst part of being on this site is knowing that there are so many sexy, intelligent women on this site who are looking for someone like me and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

angelcoed1980 36F

7/16/2005 1:08 pm

I try no to complain (at least too loudly). I know if I ever wanted just sex all I have to do is ask, but many of us (women) are actually here for more. I would love to spend a quiet evening with you (and probably will) we could just trade massages and have fun doing whatever pops up. You are truely one of the endangered.


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