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I love Lingerie

The date was flawless ... she liked hanging out and going to movies, and that’s exactly what I liked. I picked her up and we had a night on the town. A nice evening of dinner, a social club for a few drinks, and back to my place for a quiet intimate evening of watching a movie. While the movie was playing, we sat on the couch. I had my arm around her, and she had her head resting on my shoulder, and her hand on my chest.

The movie played on for about an hour, and I noticed that her hand had been moving in small circles. I didn’t even remember when it happened, but when I looked down I saw that she had somehow undone a few buttons and was moving her hand directly on my skin. She had felt my head move to look, and her eyes looked up into mine. I saw the smile on her face, and showed her my own. In one move, she shifter her body so that her left leg swung into my lap and her lips came up to mine. As we kissed and moved our tongues in rhythm, her hand moved up to my chin. I love kissing with a hand on my face, I was starting to become very aroused. As our lips separated, she had no intention of stopping. Her kissing moved across my cheek and up to my earlobe. God, there is no better sound than having a mouth in my ear, breathing ever so gently as her lips and teeth tugged on the lobe. I closed my eyes as shivers ran races across my spine. I gave a slight moan as her nibbling became even more intense. My hands went to her stockinged leg and caressed both thigh and calf. I loved the red skirt she was wearing, it was always what she wore in my fantasies, and now it was all coming true. I was completely in heaven when my hand began moving the skirt slowly up the leg. I felt a clip on the side of her leg and realized that she was wearing a garter belt. She quietly moaned in my ear, knowing that it turned me on even more.

Before I could play with the hook, she put her hand on my chest again to steady herself as she brought her entire body up off the couch and sat in my lap. Her lips disengaged my now very wet ear as her hands pulled my shirt open, ripping several buttons, and revealing my chest. She bent down and started kissing and licking my pecks, nipples, and stomach as I could only lay helplessly lost in the sensation. My hands wrapped around her body as I stretched back, so she wouldn’t have to bend down as far to continue kissing and licking. She moved her legs to the floor and began running her hands all over my legs and pelvis. I looked down at her, and she looked seductively up at me. I knew she wanted to be in control, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. With a forceful tug, she had unbuttoned my jeans and worked the zipper down slowly. She pulled on them and I raised my buttocks off the couch so she could get them all the way off. She had hooked into my boxers at the same time, so my enlarged penis was now free, standing erect, and throbbing slightly, anxiously waiting to be touched.

She stood up, looked down at me, and put her hands on her hips. All I could do was take a few deep breaths in anticipation of her next move. After all, she was in charge for the rest of the night. Without saying a word, she began slowly unbuttoning her own shirt, and left it on, allowing me a short glimpse of a lacy black bra. I kept envisioning the rest, waiting in agonizing suspense for her to reveal herself to me, but she purposely and maddeningly took her time unfastening the belt buckle on her skirt. She kept her eyes glued to mine, and mine to hers, as she slowly slid the skirt down her firm body, revealing what I had discovered earlier - a black garter belt, sexy bikini panties, and two very long legs covered in stockings. As she stood back up, letting the skirt finally drop on my feet, her hands grabbed the open shirt and pulled it slowly open to reveal her lacy bra and silky shoulders. How I longed to kiss every inch of what I saw, from the neck all the way down to the navel, but I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed by the growing arousal I felt. As the shirt came completely off, she tossed it over my head onto the floor behind the couch. Again she put her hands on her hips and cocked her pelvis to the side, in such a sexy pose that I almost shot my load just looking at her. She stared at me for a moment, and I back at her.

“Now that I have your attention,” she said in a sultry voice, “I want your hands to unbutton me.” I sat up and reached for her bra, when she slapped my hands away. “Not there!” I looked down, and realized that her panties had buttons underneath so they could be opened up. I slowly reached in. As I got closer, she moved her legs apart to give me room. One of her hands moved to my head and rubbed my hair as I fumbled with the buttons. I couldn’t help but feel how hot and wet she already was. I could see her pubic hair through the lacy material, and I could tell that she kept it neatly trimmed. My hands started to tremble. Her hand grabbed a tuft of hair and jerked it back just a bit.

“Pay attention! I don’t want to be kept waiting.” I unbuttoned the snaps and the fabric fell away from her beautiful lips. She took a deep breath and sighed. “Now touch me. Gently.” I did as I was told and put two fingers softly on her mound, entwining some of the curly little hair that covered it. She moaned loudly. “Yes, that’s it, my love, rub me!” I moved my fingers around and down, lightly across her lips and back up. I made several circles as she swivelled her hips seductively back and forth in front of my face. As I continued, her movements came closer and closer to my face, as her hand was pushing my head slowly forward. I could smell her sweetness, and felt her juices on my fingers as I placed my whole hand on her exposed vagina. Just as I was in range of a tonguing, she pushed my head back with enough force to throw me onto the couch again. She then straddled me, putting her hands on my shoulders for stability. Once she was situated properly, she reached up and unhooked her bra. Keeping it still closed, she cupped her breasts and began rubbing them with the bra. Her body moved from side to side, thrusting her hips and making circular movements. My penis was mere inches from her, and I couldn’t bear the teasing much longer. In the same sexy fashion that she used with her shirt, she removed her bra and allowed me to see her perfect breasts, which bounced slightly as she continued moving her hips. There are few things in this world more perfect than the shape of a woman’s body.

“Do you want to touch them?” She asked in a coy voice, mocking me like a school-aged kid. I simply nodded with an ever-present smile (which probably was very goofy looking, considering the situation I was in). She stopped her writhing and took my hand, leading it up her body, letting my fingers graze the surface of her smooth skin, past the navel, up past the rib cage, and stopping on her cleavage. I could feel her heart beating beneath that perfect skin as she let go and tilted her head up. As she stared at the wall behind me, I moved my cupped hand over to her right breast, feeling its give and softness as I moved my fingers back and forth. I brought my other hand up to duplicate the position on the other side. For what seemed like hours, I moved my hands over her skin and nipples, back and forth, rubbing, cupping, teasing, and gently squeezing. She closed her eyes and her hips began undulating again. Her hands came up and covered mine, holding them against her chest, leading them and showing me the pressure she liked. As we sat in that position, she slowly lowered herself down so that she was now sitting on my legs, her stomach touching my erection. She began thrusting against it, stroking and teasing it with her body. She moved her hands down to my shaft and wrapped her fingers around it. First she sat and squeezed it in her palm, sending thrilling sensations throughout my groin area. Then the began stroking it up and down ever so slowly. I matched her movements with my hands by moving them up and down the front of her body, each time ending with her breasts in my palms, nipples being feathered by my fingers. After a few strokes, she moved her body up and forward and slowly guided me into her. She was so hot and juicy that I slid right in, and she lowered herself down to where I was completely inside her. She leaned her body forward and I eagerly took her left breast into my mouth. As she started moving up and down on my penis, my tongue flicked and circled her nipple. She began moaning softly. Sometimes she moved up and kept me just barely inside her, with small movements to stimulate the head of my penis, and other times she lowered herself down quickly and took me back up all the way inside her. I alternated between her breasts every time she took me deep. We continued with this rhythm, her moaning in ecstacy, and my mouthwork on her breasts.

After a few minutes of this routine, she moved her legs up to my sides. Wanting to give her what I knew she wanted, I slid off the couch and laid back against it so she could be on top of me, controlling the depth of penetration. She leaned backward, giving me full view of her gorgeous body. She quickened the pace and I watched as her breasts bounced vigorously. Her head tilted back completely as her moans grew louder. I watched her pelvis thrust up and down, forward and back, and in circles, each time her moaning grew louder and louder. I could feel myself rising to the point of orgasm, and did my best to focus the sexual energy away from my genitals. I imagined the energy moving up my spine and into my brain. The Big Draw was working for now, and I once again focused on her heaving chest.

She changed rhythm again, and brought her body forward. While slowing the pace to a slow grind, she came down on my mouth and kissed me deeply, interlocking our tongues. I knew what she was doing, and I loved her for remembering. Our sexual energy began mixing, running hot and cold up and down our bodies through our joined circuits. I put my arms around her and she put her arms around me. I could feel her breasts pushing tightly against my chest as our tongues remained locked together. Her body moved up and down over my penis. I moved my hands down to her buttocks and began guiding her hips up and down. It was my turn to decide our pace. I moved her faster, keeping myself inside her, but at times almost coming out. I felt her chest arching against me as our lips disengaged. She moaned loudly and repeatedly as her eyes clenched shut. I could hear her voice rising in pitch, and I knew she was close. Her hands pushed against me as she straightened her body up. She began grabbing her breasts and pulling her nipples, moaning louder and louder until it sounded like she was screaming. Her left hand moved down to her mound as she hugged herself. I felt her muscles tighten around my penis and I knew she was coming. She let out a series of high-pitched screams at the same time that I let myself go. Our orgasms intermingled with our voices. She arched back, and I swear I thought her head was going to touch my feet. Finally she threw herself forward as I released my load into her in a hot shower. I felt it oozing out and down my penis. She laid against my body, out of breath, and continuing to make soft groaning noises. We lay there together, not moving, simply breathing and listening to each other come down from our peaks. We embraced each other and simply laid in that position until we both fell asleep.

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