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4/22/2005 12:30 am

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Like my profile didn't say enough?!?! lol ....

NiseNCuriousBabe 56F

4/22/2005 9:36 pm

Thanks for sharing, Rose. As I was exploring the topic, I read through a number of couples blogs, etc. .... it baffled me for some time to hear people talk about "trust" (as you just did) in such relationships. Probably because the traditional use of the word in relationships meant that neither partner would "cheat" on the other ... but as you have pointed out, if there's deception or secrecy in an open relationship --if a partner violates their mutual agreement (whatever it is) ... it's most def wrong!! Yep ... it's all about trust. Violate it and life sucks ... oh yeah, and the drama begins!! But that's another blog....

So let me ask this ... especially of those who are in open/swinger type relationships .... how did you and your partner establish such trust knowing they would be with others? How did you evolve to become swingers (unless that's just the way it always was)? What were some of the difficult things you had to work through to make it successful while maintaining security between you? Were there feelings of jealousy or insecurity in the beginning? How did you overcome that? Ok, that's prob enough ?'s for now ... sheesh ... so damn curious, huh?

NiseNCuriousBabe 56F

5/28/2005 6:07 am

UnlistedOne ... I have returned to your writings here time and time again. The first few times I read them, tears trickled down my cheeks as I saw myself. There's nothing to be laughed at --your words explore the depths of human pain and our strengths which lead us back to wanting to love and be loved in a most beautiful and thought-provoking way. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!

I hope that whatever thoughts I brought to your mind that dusted off these words were pleasant in some way. It's kinda funny how after we've overcome devestating heartbreak, we can actually remember and cherish all that was once so good .....

Thank you for giving of yourself to somone who did need!!!

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