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8/21/2006 1:07 am

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My Fantasy

we are in the woods... it's a rainy sunday afternoon...
we meet in a small clearing and you look at me with a look of
lusty daring...

I approach you... you back away, still looking at me like
that.... I step closer and again you back away.....

again, I step towards you... and again you back away...
your back in now against a outcropping of stone....

... as I step closer to you, you make no move to turn away...
you just keep that sultry yet defiant look in your eyes...
I move to within just a few inces of your soft pouting lips

Slowly I reach up and stroke your cheek with the back of my
fingers... always looking into your eyes

It begins to rain harder

I slip your black leather jacket off your shoulders, showing
your milky white shoulders underneath. your black top
starts to get soaked through, and I can see your nipples
begin to stand out from the cold

I then pull of my own leather coat and let it drop to the ground..
I reach forward again to carress your soft lips... trailling
down your chin and around your slender neck

I pull you close to me... pressing you to my chest... and
with you shivering in my arms in lean close and kiss you with
a voracious appatite

With the rain pouring over us we hold each other... locked
together in a heady embrace filled with heat and passion...
I have wanted this... and will wait no more.

with your back to the cold stone and our heat making us quake,
I slip my hand under your black T shirt and slip it over your
head, revealing your hard breasts and erect nipples...
I fall to my knees and take your nipple in my mouth.... feeling
the cold against my lips, the texture beneath my tongue.

I make circles around each of you nipples with my tongue...
holding each one in my mouth to warm them against the biting
cold of the torential shower

I then pull off my own shirt, showing my heaving chest, rising
and falling with the passion that threatens to explode
from my lungs...

I stand once more, before you, and lean you back to lie on
the rock, and I make kisses down your chest, between your
breasts, trailing my tongue down your belly, to your waist,
where I undo your belt and trousers, so that I can make more
kisses and nibbles on your hot loins...

I slide your pants off and toss them to the forest floor..
you are not wearing any underwear... I gently move your
legs apart, to reveal your womanhood, and begine kissing
the insides of your theighs, beathing heavily against
your wet form

with my free hand I undo my own belt, and wrench off my jeans
to let them join yours on the wet and soggy ground

I look up to see your face in the foggy and rainy afternoon
half-light, still with the same deep, soulful gaze, made
blurry with pleaure and wanting

... I bow my head to the warmth of the soft and smooth folds
of your ladyblossom... sliding my tongue between them,
and aching at your breathy sighs of pleasure..

you lift your hips to my face, urging me onward.... I work
you with my tongue with more vigor, spurning you toward
even greater sighs and quivers

I can feel the heat rising within you, and with each passing
moment the energy within you swells to bursting inside
your belly

you reach down to lift my head so as to look at your flushed
and wet features, and pull me to lay atop you. you kiss me
with a soul wrenching firceness, filled with lust and ardor.

I guide my erect shaft to you. sliding myself between your
blossom, though not inside you... we rock together. feeling
our bodies grow hot despite the icy bite of the rain.

Feeling you swell once more, I lever myself up and, with
agonising slowness, push myself inside you. We let out
a unified gasp, as our union slams us with a glorious sensation
of warmth, pleasure, connection and lust

we rock together once more, plundering each others mouths
with all the mercy of a horde of brigands. I pound into you,
letting out breathy gasps with each pulverising thrust.
I can see you gazing at me, with that look, as we move together,
biting your bottom lip against the cries that threaten
to burst from your chest

Feeling I am ready to explode, you pull me into an embrace
as we both release simultanious cries of extasy, as I empty
myself into you, you hold me tight to your wet and shaking

We lay entwined through the swiming haze of rain and orgasm,
staving off the cutting chill of the rainfall.

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8/21/2006 1:36 am

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I hope we get a thunderstorm here!

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