Why a cave on a mountain?  

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1/18/2006 1:44 am

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Why a cave on a mountain?

For the past couple of posts (and in my other blog and writings), I've referred to 'going back to my cave on the mountain'.

I got the reference from a very old book called The Book of Five Rings. It was written hundreds of years ago by Miyamoto Musashi who was, supposedly, the greatest swordsman of feudal Japan. He had no equal, in fact, when challenged by a warlord to a duel, Musashi used a boat oar and knocked the upstart out...just to prove his point.

Musashi retreated from the world and lived in a cave on a mountain because he wanted to research the ways of the sword, bushido, and the samurai. He never considered himself an expert; in fact, his writings showed him to be rather humble. He regarded his skill with a blade no better than a chef who creates dishes in a kitchen.

My retreat into my 'cave' is just that...a retreat. I have so much more to learn about WIITWD in the Lifestyle. So many techniques...so many ideas...so many skills to learn(and relearn).

So, I hope my friends understand what it is when I refer to my cave on the mountain. Just a temporary retreat from the world.

Nothing more, nothing less.


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