The parable of the Dark Warrior & the Dragon.  

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The parable of the Dark Warrior & the Dragon.

Not so long ago, a terrible dragon made its way into the village and began a reign of mayhem. No one was spared his flaming breath. Many tried to stand up to him...but in vain. The dragon would either duck & hide...or become so vile in his attacks, that people just gave up and ignored him, hoping that he'd go away...or someone would come and chase him off. Some people prayed to the Gods, hoping that They could make the dragon leave...but the Gods were silent.

The dragon set up his throne in the village square where all came to chat & meet their friends. Try as they might to ignore him, the dragon made life unbearable with his toxic breath & flames. Many of the warriors had given up any attempts to drive him off.

But some of the people whispered amongst themselves, "The Dark Warrior will return and take care of the dragon." Once, the Dark Warrior had crossed paths with the dragon and had wounded him. But since then, the Dark Warrior had withdrawn from the village...some said to another realm to write in the Great Books.

One ordinary evening, as the villagers milled about the square...the all-too familiar flapping of the dragon's wings were heard overhead. The beast settled into his customary seat and started to spew forth his flames. The people remained silent...some even were heard to say, " least the dragon stands up to anyone who challenges him...that must mean something!!" Others turned their heads in disgust at such talk...but still did nothing.

Suddenly, a cry rang out. "He is here!! The Dark Warrior has returned!!" The people cheered and took positions around the square...for they knew a great contest was about to begin. The dragon sneered at the cheers, but cast a wary eye at the lone figure moving into the square.

The Dark Warrior slowly walked into the middle of the square, staring straight at the dragon with cold, unblinking eyes of blue. He paid no attention to the cheers of the people, but walked with purpose until he stood alone in the middle of the square. He turned his head and looked at all present, his stare making the cheers slowly cease. Then he turned at looked at the dragon and spoke quietly, but firmly:

" & I have crossed before...and I let you live, thinking that humility would have taught you. Now I know that was a mistake. Have you forgotten that I have the Vision...and I know your secrets...your true self? That all I have to do is tell your secret and you will be powerless...unable to harm anyone?"

The dragon flinched and drew back in fear, for he knew that if his true self were revealed, his power over the village would be gone. The dragon hissed his contempt at the Dark Warrior's words. The Dark Warrior smiled coldly, then turned his attention to the assembled villagers and continued:

"You all had the power to defeat this beast in your possession and you did nothing. All you needed to do was to stand as ONE and he would have no power to hurt you. You wish me to do battle with this dragon, but I say unto you all...I will not. Instead, I will take my leave of you."

The villagers gasped at his words, some even cried out, "How can you do this to us?" The Dark Warrior silenced them with a glance, and continued talking in his quiet, strong voice:

"I have been to a place that is real...where those of us who share the same interests co-exist. Such beasts as this dragon cannot hope to survive in such a place...and he knows it. So he has made his home here...and you have let him. I cannot do battle with him...for he is not real. And he cannot do me harm for the very same reason...he is nothing but an illusion."

The Dark Warrior smiled and dropped his shield. He undid his belt and let his sword fall to the ground. He extended his arms, looked at the dragon, smiled and said, "Do your worst, foul lizard." The dragon roared and let loose a fiery assault. The flames were so hot...the villagers turned away in fear.

When the flames subsided, the Dark Warrior was gone...the only thing remaining was a single rose...untouched, unharmed by the dragon's breath. The villagers were stunned...then a voice rang out from the mountains, making all present, including the dragon look up.

"You think you've defeated me, lizard? Far from it, fool. I have returned to the land of real...where I put down my thoughts with others in the Great Books. Keep your 'throne', dragon...for you rule a make believe world...fitting for a make believe creature like yourself"

The last thing the people & the dragon heard was the Dark Warrior's chuckle...ringing in their ears and burning in their souls far worse than any dragon’s breath could ever hope to do.

-For those who understand this parable, my thanks and I hope you understand my reasons. For those who don't understand this parable, I hope that you found my tale enjoyable.

NG61...laughing at dragons & other make believe characters from the comfort of his sanctuary...writing in the Great Books.

©Nightguy_1961 2006

NGs_lady 64F
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3/31/2006 5:06 am

My love,

You have stood for people for so long that you do it without a thought. I realize now that you weren't thinking when you went into a certain chatroom & tried to slay everyone's dragons for them. You got hurt...I got hurt...and since we've talked about it, we have realized that sometimes you just need to leave people to their own fates.

Trickery begats trickery, lies begat lies, and foulness begats foulness. You have such a beautiful way with words...please continue to write and forget the silly people.


Nightguy_1961 replies on 4/1/2006 2:13 pm:
'Once an Enforcer....always an Enforcer'

wickedeasy 67F  
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3/31/2006 6:44 am



and then bows

beautifully written, and if some don't get it - there is nothing for the warrior to do - they simply choose not to hear

Maya Angelou said "all it takes is for one good man to do nothing"
and i have personally seen you do, and do, and do. and i have had the honor of your friendship and your lady's as well - and when i needed it, the power of your sword to help and sustain me.

a perfect cautionary tale - take heed villagers - for if you do nothing, you implicitly condone


You cannot conceive the many without the one.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 4/1/2006 2:15 pm:

I don't know if people condone what goes on a lot of times...I just know that some people get tired of righting the wrongs when others fail to pick up the ball.

After all, even Superman has his Fortress of take a friggin' break once in awhile

MamChelle 48F  
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3/31/2006 7:56 am

Understood!! *smiles softly*

Nightguy_1961 replies on 4/1/2006 3:33 pm:

Whispersoftly5 52F
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4/1/2006 12:51 am

Very eloquently put - by both you and NGs lady.


Nightguy_1961 replies on 4/1/2006 2:18 pm:

There comes a time when one must put down his sword and say, "Enough...."

frogger1995 39F

4/1/2006 8:57 pm

It's obviously a political metaphor!...and of course the dragon is Bush, thus making the Dark Warrior... ~At least in my mind.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 4/2/2006 9:27 pm:

Hmmmmm....never thought of it as a political parable....I was talking about the chatrooms here *chuckles*

And as far as the Dark Warrior, well, my nic isn't Nightguy for nothing

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