Some people to remember during the holiday season...  

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12/12/2005 9:26 pm

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Some people to remember during the holiday season...

As the Holidays grow closer, we all tend to think of our family and friends. I'd like to take this chance to ask that you try to remember a couple of groups of people that could use your support. happy as this season is, there are some who go into deep bouts of depression during the holidays. It's sad but true, a lot of suicides take place during this time of year. As my F/friends know, I'm a big supporter of helping those who feel that life has gotten too big to handle.

These people tend to withdraw from their families and friends, they don't eat or sleep. There are other signs of depression. If you know of someone who is having a tough time, urge them to get help. There is nothing wrong with seeking help...I've done it myself.

If you want to help, try working a crisis hotline during this time of year. You never know...your voice could make the difference.

The second group of people..there are troops overseas...some in harm's way who will be away from their families...some for the very first time. I ask that you remember them in your prayers, but there is more that one can do to show your love and support.

The USO can provide ways for you to help a serviceman or woman have a better holiday. One simple thing is to purchase phone cards for the troops. It doesn't cost much and think how it will help a soldier call home during the holidays. Write a letter to a serviceman....even if you don't know them. Just a friendly note from home can mean so much. And if you do know someone should be writing them anyhow!!!

I wish I could put up some links to help you find out how to help the two groups I've mentioned...but I'm sorry I can't at the moment. Just look online and I'm sure you can find out how to make the holidays better for those who are having a rough time.

NG...signing off for now

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