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"What do you mean my room's not ready? I've been traveling for hours and I'm tired!", she exclaimed hotly.

"Ma'am, I'm terribly sorry, but you are early and your room is not ready quite yet. You can wait in our lounge and we'll let you know as soon as it's ready." the tall clerk said calmly.

"I ought to go elsewhere", she said. The clerk shook his head in sympathy, "I'm sorry, but there's nothing else in the area tonight. You are lucky to have a reservation this late in the week."

Turning on her heel, she stormed off towards the hotel lounge, her heels clicking across the lobby. Furious, she sat down at the bar and ordered a drink, her mind filled with dark thoughts. First, her plans for the weekend are scrapped, because HE couldn't get away; now her company sends her for some useless meeting...a weekend meeting no less!!

She was so deep in her thoughts that she hardly noticed the clerk walk in and settle in one of the booths, rubbing his eyes in a tired manner. He motioned to the bartender, who nodded and went in the back for something.

She looked at the tall clerk and felt a little sheepish; the hotel was busy because it was the season. How many guests had this tall quiet man dealt with today? And then, she thought, I had to come in & jump him because I was upset. Getting up from her seat, she moved over to the booth. "Excuse me, but may I join you?", she asked.

He looked at her and rose to his feet. "By all means, please", he said as he motioned her to sit. She couldn't help but notice his blue eyes and quiet smile. This, she thought, is someone who is in control of what's around him at all times. He noticed her smooth movements as she sat, her bright eyes, and her luscious pouty mouth. He sat back down as she started to apologize, but he stopped her with a smile.

"Ma'am, it's quite alright," he said in a voice like smooth bourbon, "I understand. You seem like someone that really would rather be elsewhere this weekend." She smiled at his easy charm; he seemed unfazed by her little temper tantrum earlier.

They introduced themselves and shook hands; she jumped at the touch of his hand. Strong, but gentle...someone who balanced both in his life. He was impressed with what he saw in her; ladylike in her manner, but not afraid to look someone in the eye when she spoke. Without thinking, she reached down and took off one of her high heels, rubbing her tired foot.

"If I may?" There went that smooth voice again. She looked him quizzically. "Your foot...I think I can help." Without a word, she lifted her foot up under the table and put it in his hands. Quickly, he started kneeding it gently; working the soreness out. She closed her eyes and groaned. It had been so long since she felt that; hell, even her on and off boyfriend wouldn't rub her feet!!

He watched as she relaxed at his touch. I must be doing something right, he thought, because she kicked off the other shoe, ran her foot up his leg, as if to say "Do you mind?" He started on the other foot, and she just closed her eyes and smiled.

Almost as if on cue, another clerk came up and told her that her room was finally ready. She reached up for the key, but he intercepted it. "I'm off the clock...end of the day. But I'll be more than happy to help you get into your room." Offering her his arm, he led her back to the lobby, where a bellhop was already moving her luggage to the elevator.

As the elevator moved up, she could help but be drawn to this tall man. His demeanor seemed to say 'Trust me' and she felt that she could. When the elevator open, she moved to one side so the bellhop could roll the luggage cart out and she pressed against him, feeling his warmth like a warm summer's day.

He opened her door and let her enter the room first, then the bellhop, who unloaded her luggage and quickly left the room. The tall quiet clerk showed her all in the room for her comfort, including the rather large bathroom, with the oversized tub. She giggled at the thought of how she might get lost in such a large tub, and casually mentioned it. He looked at her and quietly said, "You would be well worth looking for, if I may be so bold."

She caught her breath as he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly on the lips. She felt like she was picked up by a tornado; her emotions spinning her out of control. She wrapped her arms around him and returned the kiss with a fervor.

The rest of that day...afternoon...night...whatever...was a blur in her mind: him removing her clothes as if uncovering a rare treasure, her tearing his clothes off and running her hands over his tall frame. He lay her back on the bed and, starting at her lips, kissed his way down to her pussy, which was throbbing; she was so aroused.

Damn, she thought, how long has it been? He knows just how to touch to kiss me. She arched her back as he kissed and licked her most sensitive spot, driving her wild. She let him go down on her until she could hardly stand it anymore. Pushing him up, she took him into her mouth and started to return the favor, his moans a sure sign that she was doing to him what he had done to her.

He put his hands on her hair, then pulled them back, not wanting to grip her too tightly. She continued to work him over until he pulled her off, laid her back and without a word, entered her with a controlled strength that sent a shock through her body. She wrapped her supple legs around his waist, moving her hips to match his thrusts. Part of her was telling her it was wrong...after all, he was virtually a stranger. But her body was loving every second of his lovemaking, her senses going into overload as he kissed her deeply; his hands holding her so tight she could hardly breath.

She felt him starting to swell inside her as her own climax was approaching. She urged him on by whispering in his ear and kissing his neck. As she felt him come inside her, her own orgasm shook her and for a few timeless moments, they said or did nothing…lost in the moment of mutual passion. Then...silently...gently...lovingly...he rolled over to the side, still inside her; his arms around her and they lay there in a loving embrace.

She raised her head and looked at him with a slightly worried look, "Do you have to leave?", she asked.

Smiling, he replied in a gruff whisper, "I don't have anywhere to go...and all night to get there. Any suggestions?"

She her mind went through all kinds of ways to spend the rest of the night...and the weekend...with her new distraction.

Dedicated to MOfunNOWWOW MOfunNOWWOW

©NG61 2006

libgemOH 56M/52F

6/25/2006 5:53 am

You did it again.....L, why do you keep doing this when Jim's AWAY????? A wonderful and beautiful story for a wonderful and beautiful lady!! -B

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:23 am:

Hey, I can't help it if Jim's away.....I swear...!

Glad you liked it


sexyariesgirl 57F

6/25/2006 6:08 am

LOVED this story!!!!!

Power To FOK

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:24 am:
Thank you....I'm glad you liked it

NGs_lady 64F
762 posts
6/25/2006 6:09 am

Great as usual

Hugs and Love


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:29 am:
Thank you, my lady...I'm pleased that you liked it....

My love to you, as always...

free2chose2 66F

6/25/2006 6:30 am

I should stop by more often

Don't worry, be Happy

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:31 am:

Yes you should...we're always glad to welcome visitors...

Thanks and welcome to the Fortress....

mysticdreamangel 61F
2759 posts
6/25/2006 6:40 am

Every time I think you have written the sexiest story you could there is another. Makes me want to register into a hotel right this minute...LOL!

As always...thank you for writing!


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:32 am:

Glad you liked it....just be careful which hotel, okay?


rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
9753 posts
6/25/2006 6:54 am

Can I come knock on the door and say "room service" ?

Purry {=}


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:36 am:

you can knock on our door anytime, my dear...just be ready to have your world rocked, okay?

Thanks, darlin'...always good to see you....

rm_shannee2006 52F
3355 posts
6/25/2006 7:15 am

I really liked that one too NG. Damn you are good at this. I'm impressed by each story having a totally different quality and style. Terrific writing and such a turn on.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:37 am:

You keep on with the compliments...the bar will get raised too high for me....

But thank you...I appreciate it....

MaggiesWishes 60F

6/25/2006 7:22 am

My gracious, MoMo will need CPR at the Respiratory Tent after this.
Hummmm... I may need CPR, yeesh *fanning self* OMG!

warm huggies 2ya, Dark One

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:38 am:
Bright One,

Hmmmm....chest massage or mouth to mouth...or where ever?

Thanks, darlin'

rm_cinminroz 62F

6/25/2006 7:35 am


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:38 am:
Was that a good wow or a not so good wow?


PurplePeach72 44F  
9199 posts
6/25/2006 7:59 am

    Quoting mysticdreamangel:
    Every time I think you have written the sexiest story you could there is another. Makes me want to register into a hotel right this minute...LOL!

    As always...thank you for writing!

Oooooh yessss, yesss don't stop now.....

Oh sorry got caught up in my fantasy there for a minute. Your stories are simply marvelous erotic torture that leave me wanton, wicked and wanting more! If you collect all of the stories you're writing here, for all of the sexy ladies here in Blogland, you will have a best selling erotic fantasy collection.

This, all of your writing, is exactly what I want to read to get me fired up and hot. I even tried to wake up Scuba-SlaveboySteve for some fun, but (you're gonna laugh your ass off) he has a headache and is still tired and sleepy. Augh poor baby. So I'm back to torture everyone in Blogland.

The only thing I can think of thatwould make these stories better, your sexy deep voice reading them to me....uh-oh gotta go here's comes another hot fantasy....hmmm yummy



Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:42 am:
Down girl, down!!!!

Glad you liked it...and I might put the stories never know...


LustyTaurus 48M  
21253 posts
6/25/2006 8:28 am

You seem to be rather gifted NG...well done again!!

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:43 am:
Thanks LT...appreciate that....

wickedeasy 67F  
26768 posts
6/25/2006 9:36 am


You cannot conceive the many without the one.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:45 am:

I take it that's a good 'Damn'......

Thanks darlin'...hope you're feeling better...

MorganLeFaye1978 38F
110 posts
6/25/2006 11:01 am

One word -- WOW! Your writings are amazing. I love reading them. They give you a beautiful fantasy in your mind to replay over and over again. You have the writing skills I always dream of having. Your storys flow smoothly from one scene to the next making it more and more believable causing the minds eye to visualize every aspect of the story! With each reading I gasp or sigh where the sensuality and emotion picks up. Wishing and dreaming that I am the one in the story. These Shorts are better than the novels that I read! Once again all I can say is WOW! Keep up the good work NG.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:49 am:

Thank you and welcome to the Fortress....Merlin mentioned you the last time he stopped by...a pleasure to meet you

I am glad you enjoy my stories....if you really wish to write, just do it. I'm almost embarrassed by my first blog postings, but what the heck, it had to get better, you know? LOL

Thank you....I appreciate your kind comments...

willing2tryit42 40M
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6/25/2006 12:13 pm

Ok you just made my watched list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:50 am:
Thanks...I appreciate that!!!!!

PurplePeach72 44F  
9199 posts
6/25/2006 12:33 pm

Awesome story. Don't feel too bad that she couldn't wake me up. She had me three different times and a fourth with another beautiful woman to play with the both of us, all in less than 24 hours. Although had I read that first, I probably would have woken her
Been a long time, but you are inspiring me to start writing again.
Keep it up.



Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:52 am:

After that confession, I wouldn't feel sorry for you if your hair were on fire .....three times....sheeesh....

Hope you do start writing...look forward to reading it...


HBowt2 59F

6/25/2006 12:56 pm

....they're all real good....wish I'd asked for one.....

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:53 am:

I think you did ask...but I don't mind adding you to the list, okay?



6/25/2006 1:04 pm

Me blushing? Yes, if my very hand was caught in the cookie jar thinking of a tall framed hotel gentleman just like that! Oh how I LOVEEEE my distractions...and wondering (in my fantasy of course ) if Lady would have worked her way there. I love cookies too

Ya nailed me yummy in MO ways than one! So flattered and appreciative!
Thank you! Kisses and then some MO {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 2:56 am:

Well.....these questions might be answered in a few never know

I am glad that you enjoyed it...and it was great to finally talk to you last night!!!

Thanks again, darlin'...

seek_u_topia 51M

6/25/2006 1:23 pm

nice story indeed!

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 3:00 am:
Thank you...glad you liked it..and welcome to the Fortress....

fancy_for_you 40F
3014 posts
6/25/2006 2:07 pm

Damn Damn these stories you are writing ever really happen in real time? I swear these things never ever happen to me. Oh man I soooooooooo need some stress relief.

Keep em coming NG. Someday you can write one about



Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 3:11 am:

Well...they might happen....wish they would happen, you know?

I'll try to come up with something...


lightswitch1963 69M/53F

6/25/2006 3:48 pm

With all the requests you have.....may I take it upon myself to write one about you and me? Since they are just fantasy, may I include your lady? Will wait for permission.

We'll leave the light on for you.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 3:17 am:

I think I can speak for my lady...and say that we would be honored by such a story...thank you...

I'll leave the gate unlocked....

Whispersoftly5 52F
15176 posts
6/25/2006 9:53 pm

I am really lovingt these stories! Verrrrrry hot!!!


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/26/2006 3:18 am:
Thanks Whisper...think I've got an idea for a dept. store....

ohcurious14 59M
1683 posts
6/26/2006 8:57 am

You are such a great writer NG.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/27/2006 6:05 pm:

Thanks, I try.....

Shameless_Biotch 48F

6/26/2006 9:44 pm

Ohhhhh NG, you did it again! You made me all wet and horny just reading this
Makes me wanna get my ass to a little hotel near BFE VA
Keep up the great work!

Your Shameless #1 Fan

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/27/2006 6:05 pm:

Well, I won't be there much longer...more news to follow later...

Mistress_Nessa 40F

6/28/2006 2:56 am

Great Job NG! I loved it!! Too bad I'm all alone

~ Nessa ~

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:13 am:
I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding someone willing to change that 'alone' status....


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