Is whipping someone considered love?  

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11/23/2005 12:38 am

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Is whipping someone considered love?

A topic that has popped up again and again among our group of F/friends in the basement is what place does love have in the bdsm lifestyle.

To an outsider, it would appear tht love is non-existant. I mean we talk about bondage, spankings, humiliation, slaves, clamps, Masters, Mistresses, etc....Where does love come in?

But look closer...get past the dramatic trappings and props...

If a submissive surrenders control to a Dominant, they are, in effect, saying " I love you and I trust you enough to let you do with me as you please". When a Dominant accepts that control, he is saying "I love you enough to take care of you and never let harm come to you and to never let you down".

Kind of a paradox, isn't it?

As a Sir, I have to have some level of love to even consider 'playing' with a submissive. Even if it's only affection, it has to be there...or it's nothing but abuse, pure and simple.

That submissive has given me something precious...their trust. I can't abuse that trust. I have to remain compassionate to their needs & feelings; compassionate to what their mind & body is going through; and loving enough to bring them down after play has finished.

But that love goes further than just play. There is a level of affection that remains...sometimes long after play. Submissives will feel a sense of security from their Dominants, while Dominants will feel very protective of their charges.

I knew one Sir who could lash his sub's ass until it was a criss cross of welts, but that same Sir was willing to throw himself in front of a train for that same submissive. Why? Love, pure and simple.

I read somewhere that a Dominant should use his imagination to bring tears to his sub's eyes, and his love to kiss them away. And I believe that.

W/we in the lifestyle wear our hearts on our sleeves. I know a lady who broke down in tears of joy when she came to the realization the she was submissive. Why? Because she was finally happy with herself and she knew that a Sir would love her with an intensity she'd never felt before in her life. I wish her well on her Journey.

I know that it took me awhile to realize how much love controls what we do in the lifestyle. I ran from it for so long. I was known as a motion player. I'd scene, but I wouldn't commit my heart. I look back in shame at how many submissives I let down with my lack of love.

My final thought: The presence or lack of love can determine whether O/one is true or not...imho. There're too many players and posers out there...but that's a topic for a different post.

NG...pulling his hat brim low and movin' on

rm_ecstacy_baby 35F
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11/25/2005 12:42 pm

Love Slave.

Make me your love slave, punish me with kisses
Give me a thousand tongue lashes till I’m submissive
Tie me to you temple and throw away the key
Make me see in a million loving ways the power you have over me

Run your nails down my body scratch into me your mark
We can do it over and over form the morning bright till dark
Let me pull on your thick dark hair and grab at your body
Do I ever want to leave your palace of love? Not hardly

Bend my knees back over my head and penetrate me even deeper
I’ve died a thousand times in the arms of you, my love reaper
Rip off my clothes, press me to you and exalt in shattering release
Oh how I love to watch you work your magic over me

Love me once, twice, thrice and hear my eager anticipating pleas
I submit to you, I love you, do with me what you please

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