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Ink Stains

Had an interesting Saturday oldest stepson wanted to go get another tattoo. He's no newbie, but this was special to him. He'd asked my lady what she'd like to see. She told him a dragon would look good. We went to one of the prominent studios in our area.

The artist (and damn, I wish I could post his name here and the studio!!!!!) did an outstanding job. So good, in fact, he's designing the oriental tiger to match the dragon on my chest. He's also got an original drawing he's done of Pinhead that caught my eye (if I can figure out where to put it, it's a done deal). My back has a couple of fantasy women on the uppper shoulders, so I don't want to mess up the beginnings of a theme for my back. Maybe the upper thigh. Hey, it's my skin!!!

Getting a tattoo isn't for everybody. You have to remember that what you get is for life!!!!!
It appears that everyone and their dog are getting tattoos today. Back in the day, (uh oh, here goes grandpa telling war stories again) the only people who got tattoos were the ones you didn't take home to meet Aunt May for Sunday dinner. Now, it's no big deal to see people sporting a tat on their ankle, lower back, or the traditional upper arm.

Two things I know about getting 'inked', it's addictive. Once you get your first tat, you can't wait to do it again. It like you know you're doing something that sets you apart, especially if the art is something that no one else has thought of before.

Second, the rush after finishing. Scientists say that the body releases endorphines to counter the discomfort of getting inked(and yes, there is some pain getting a a rug burn or bee sting). These endorphines give a sensation of well being. I don't know about all that, but damn!!! I feel 'ten foot tall and bulletproof' for about 3 hours after getting inked.

A couple of rules that I have about tats that may be useful:

1. Check out the studio/shop where your planning to get a tat. Make sure they're clean and that they sterilize their equipment. Watch and see if they use new needles after each customer. Are they certified? Do they wear gloves? If they don't do any of the above, you may want to look around for a studio that does...unless you like hepatitus.
2. Try for something original: The artwork on the walls, called flash, is nice, but remember, EVERYBODY looks at it. Suggestion: Ask the artist if he can redesign something that catches your eye. The internet has plenty of sites that can help. Remember: the tattoo artist is just that, an artist. He/she loves to create new designs...just ask them.
3. Never, EVER get someone's name or initials put on....say you get your significant other's name inked on your skin, then two weeks later, you split up. Removing a tattoo runs around $ hour (laser removal). My suggestion: if you must get the love of your life's name on your skin, get it in oriental characters. The two of you will know what it means and if you break up....just tell people who ask you that it's a cryptic message. They don't need to know the truth.

NG.....gaining a new outlook on things day by day.

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