An addition to Prof. Night's Guide!!!!!  

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1/30/2006 9:50 pm

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3/19/2006 11:23 pm

An addition to Prof. Night's Guide!!!!!

I posted a guide to the different people, Prof. Night's Guide to the different 'types' who enter the basement., and wouldn't you know it? I realized that I'd forgotten a couple of types. So I've decided to add them here. Hey, just when you build a better troll trap, better trolls come along!!!

The Stealth Troll typehomo youcantseemenowus Usually male, this type will grey box people in the room (usually women). It makes the lady appear like she is talking to herself. Best cure is to copy and paste what was said for the entire room to see....this usually sends the stealth troll out of the room so fast, the room shakes.

The Hey, I don't know you, but would you join my network? type homo gottagetemallus Usually male (damn, this is sad), this is the one who comes into a chat room, and never says hello...just fires off network invites like Roman candles at a July 4th celebration. Sad thing is, usually, the invites are declined but quick. Best cure...see above for Stealth Troll.

The Who am I now? typehomo multiplius This is the person who has multiple handles for online purposes. Not to be confused with those who have holiday handles (which is kind of cute, imo), this person will come in at different times using various handles, changing back and forth like changing socks. Reason for doing so...who knows? Problem is...they start losing track of who they are and end up wandering down the street, asking complete strangers,"Who am I?"

The Moron scientific name: Moron The main characteristic of this person is the total lack of regard for other people's feelings. If they are rejected by a member of the opp sex, if someone disagrees with their opinion, or if they aren't getting the attention they feel they deserve...they resort to personal attacks, name calling, and juvenile behavior. The only known cure....a mass iggy, usually followed with a nice email to AdultFriendFinder detailing the actions of the moron.

NG.....enjoying the sunset from atop the mountain.

rm_Melciber 61M
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2/6/2006 4:51 am

Great list, NG

In addittion there is also
THE SCREAMING TROLL (Homo Brailliusandcolourblindius) - one who comes in with full caps blazing (and in the face of the entire Basement complaining and suggesting tone-ing the font down) profess to find it strange that the room considers it a sign of rudeness - and anyway, how else would this troll know what they said last if they didnĀ“t thave it all in capitals??


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