Whatever happened to reading a profile before taking the time to respond??  

NightRaven72 44F
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11/28/2005 2:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Whatever happened to reading a profile before taking the time to respond??

So I recently rejoined AdultFriendFinder after recently relocating to another city. I opened a new account and took time getting my profile written. I realize that profiles are as unique, varied and individual as the numerous people who have chosen to join AdultFriendFinder and my profile, not unlike myself is rather wordy...

I try to be honest in that I really am unsure of what I am looking for in a potential partner...What I am certain of however are the "things" I do not want and I thought I was making myself clear on these points....

I have since learned otherwise because many of the replies I have spent half an hour reading and attempting to respond to happen to be from exactly the persons whose attentions I was trying not to gain

So, today i sit here wondering why so many people seem to think they have the time to send me a message and tell me in detail all of the things they want to do with me in the sack and yet they can't seem to sit still long enough to actually read a profile?

[size4][red] So, if you didn't read my profile and yet for some reason are reading my blog, if you are under 30, married or a Republican, please do not waste your time contacting me!!![/size4][/red]

Also if cock shots are the only pictures you want to share of yourself, think again before contacting me...I wouldn't take the time to attempt to explain my thoughts on this or any other matter if I didn't have a head on my shoulders...I expect the same from you!!

So here it is folks, the question that has been burning in my mind today!


Does anyone else share this frustration?

(The filter in my mailbox is turned on but that doesn't seem to work all the time)

gotmojo830 46M

11/28/2005 10:47 pm

I totally agree with what you say here Raven! I'm constantly getting emails from gay/bi guys saying what they'd like to do with my cock -this really frustrates the hell outta me considering my profile states WOMEN and Couples ONLY!!! So, yeah.. I feel your pain, hun!

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