I Have the Flu...and My Mind is Wandering as I've Been Wondering What "Not Real" Really Means  

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12/8/2005 9:23 pm

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I Have the Flu...and My Mind is Wandering as I've Been Wondering What "Not Real" Really Means

This flu is making me think too much...

I'm not so well today as the flu seems to have invited itself into my body and refuses to leave. In my temporary misery I have done little more than lie here and ponder until now as I feel I must make myself get out of bed for something and that something might as well be my AdultFriendFinder Blog...

For some reason when my body is invaded with sickness my mind tends to flow to places it may not otherwise venture...My sleep is sporadic and yet my dreams so very intense...

...and my mind begins to wander and then I start to worry ...then I can not help but wonder about a number of things....

I tend to worry more about the things that typically would not phase me in the least. The concern I have at the moment has to do with conversations I have had with numerous AdultFriendFinder members recently.

What does the term "not real" mean when used here on AdultFriendFinder??

OK I am taking into consideration the fact that I am not feeling well and that in itself lowers one's self esteem...I don't want to be one of those girls that people will meet up with for real and then be considered "not real" or even "fake"...So I wonder what exactly so many AdultFriendFinder members are referring to when they say that someone's profile "isn't real"?

Does that mean that the 'member' they are attempting to make contact with is a bot or has a link connecting them to a pay site?

Does that mean that the people that these members have hooked up with in real life acted very differently than the person they described themselves as in their profile?

(Did they portray themselves as girls who had few or even no sexual boundaries only to turn out to be overly prim and proper teases that maybe even refused to put out?)

Does it mean that pictures were posted of someone other than the member and when the two (or three or four or more) met in "real life" one of the members was not even the same person
physically depicted in the profile?

What else does the term "not real" refer to? What else could it mean???

So with that being said would someone please be so kind as to tell me what it means when someone says that the people they have had contact with were "not real?"

Reasons I think (& hope) I am REAL!!!!

Anyone who has taken the time to read my profile, my blog and so on should have figured out by now that no one is going to take the time to commit all that seemingly endless blabber to writing if they were not "real"....(or at least real crazy)

I would like to believe my thoughts, values, morals, opinions, hopes, dreams, aspirations, likes and dislikes are way too original and perhaps a little off the wall to have been invented, made up or faked...I would like to think that there are very few minds out there that work quite like mine does however I may be a little off in this regard.... In other words I am the girl I describe in my profile...

The subject of my pictures, however is a different deal... I have had members write to me and express their desire for my body and share fantasies about what they would like to do to/with my body...and at times I find this makes me feel a bit strange...

I have had people tell me that they believe I am small, petite and even a little "vertically challenged". I was told by one gentlemen that he had envisioned me as being 5'2" maybe 5'3" and he was several inches off...

I AM 5'7" ALMOST 5'8" (and thats when I'm not wearing heels....)

In choosing the pictures I have posted on my profile thus far I had a number to choose from and of course chose the ones that made me look hottest for the viewing pleasure of other members. These pictures were made less than one year ago and depict my body from the most flattering of angles...

My back is slightly arched and my stomach appears to be flatter than it actually is! My hair was longer then than it is today.

These truths make me nervous when someone writes and expresses their desire to run their fingers through my hair. I also feel strange when a member makes it a point to tell me that he works out because I don't - EVER!!!

When you look at my pictures it is my feeling that I revealed enough of myself to show the real me. Butt(sp), if you notice that despite all that it is in plain view, there are certain body parts that I intentionally kept out of sight!!!

These body parts come in what I consider to be one package consisting of my ass, hips and thighs!!!

You damn sure don't see my big ol' ass -- AT ALL!! Nor did I make it a point to have my very large, round hips (which come complete with love handles) in plain view of the lens... Like many women I have big ol' thighs as a part of this package(I gain great pleasure in spreading them wide open so that you can make your way into me when the time is right. I also love squeezing them around your face as you lick my cunt)...

So, I wonder if these features I consider to be not so flattering were shown in great detail on my profile would I still get the same type of response I have received up until now??? or am I one day destined to be considered "not real?"
(if this is what the term refers to...)

My Questions Have Led to More Questions.?.?.?

Anyone who reads my profile can easily see that I checked off AMPLE as the term best describing my body type because AMPLE is how I feel...I've always felt that I was bigger than many girls and women out there and I've always taken pride and relished in this fact. I don't think that I could be considered a BBW and the more I blog on this topic the more confused I become as to what my body type actually is...

I have had members contact me and suggest that I change my body type from AMPLE to something else - A LITTLE EXTRA PADDING, I believe they recommended for the reason that I might have more viewers if I used a more accurate term to describe ME...but the thing is they have yet to meet ME!!!

I could go on and on with my numerous thoughts and questions but the sickbed is becoming more appealing by the minute...I hate that I am so weary and so confused and that writing this blog is my biggest, grandest and only thing I have come close to accomplishing today....

rm_jakerupp1 62M

12/10/2005 3:59 pm

Great read. Isn't life grand. Hope you feel better. Jake

RockPebble 69M
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12/30/2005 8:40 pm

Just discovered your blog, you are real.
From what little I've seen one of the big "not real" complaints refers to guys profiling as couples looking for another woman and the the "wife" is never available. I'm sure they also complain about "pros" and pay sites but I haven't read much about that yet.
I hope you've kicked the Flu by now, happy new year.

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