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11/29/2005 9:36 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


(will it ever stop?)

As you look over my profile, read my blogs and look at my photos have you ever wondered these things about me??

What if I work as the maid who happened to clean your room after you checked out of your last hotel??

What if I spent the past year of my life in prison or locked up in a mental hospital?

What if last Saturday night I became Texas' newest Millionaire after buying a winning lottery ticket?

What if I do live in a tent, just like my profile says?

What if one day we do hook up in person and you find out I'm the worst lover you've ever had? What if I blow your mind and you become
"whipped" for life?

What if I were the homeless woman who asked you for change about this time last year
so I could fill my empty belly? What if you had been rude or indifferent and denied my plea for help? What if you had helped me out & I remembered you?

Here's one that's somewhat likely -- What if I were the lady whose crappy car was broken down on the road side and you passed me by without a care?

What if I were someone's daughter or even your very own daughter?

What if I were someone's sister and again your very own?

And what if I were someone's mother, and yes what if I were YOUR mother?

If you knew me from anywhere other than this website would you treat me the same

--If I were the hooker on the corner giving $10 blow jobs? or the girl you call up to meet you in your luxury hotel suite when you go out of town for business?
--I taught your kids in school and gave them the fundamentals of education they will use throughout their lives?
--I was a single mom waiting tables to support my kids and you didn't like the way your meal tasted like night so you chose NOT to leave a tip?
--I was your nurse the last time you were hospitalized?

I could go on and on forever posing questions for everyone to consider as they go about their daily lives and as they use websites such as AdultFriendFinder...I may be way off when I say that when I think about strangers or people I barely know I often consider these things...Just wondering about everyone else?

HowOldIs2Old2 70M
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11/29/2005 5:57 pm

Hi, I can't read your profile because I'm not a full member, but I DID read your blog and would love to type you things you find hot and exciting. I think sites like this are for SHARING, though that's not why most people come here.

If you find that concept interesting, check out MY profile, in the form of a blog, and let me know.



rm_youngwoods 30M

11/30/2005 8:25 am

Hmm....I liked this blog. The fact that I can't read your profile or look at all your pics, helps me to grasp what your saying even more than a full member would, since I'm limited to only one picture of you and a sentence or so. Pretty interesting questions everyone on here should take some time to ponder. Your questions could definitely exceed what you did post on here. But hey, what if I'm just acting like I care about this blog? Not saying I don't, but you get me....

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