Power of the written word  

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5/10/2005 8:24 am

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Power of the written word

Today I have two thoughts...

One is how much I like cursive writing. It reminds me today of a passionate experience I will relate later. The words consist of letters...all touch...flowing together. They only pause for the next word-much like passion.

The second is an experience I will never forget.
Our house addition was taking much of our time...too much. And after one more sleepless(sexless) night-too much addition work, I wrote a letter to my wife. "I Hate this addition and the price to be paid - time away from you...." and many other words in a long letter.

I wasn't prepared for the reaction.

It was going to be another long weekend. Kids (some was in a Math competition)...The addition.

But on the way to the Math Completion..I was caressing between her legs and I could tell she was loving it. She even unzipped her pants and let me get my hand all the way in to finger her wet pussy. All this while driving, and a jacket over her lap - so no passing motorists could get a view. She almost had an orgasm..but we had reached the math competition.

Then we took the kids to a movie after the competition. In there...the kids away from us...she put her legs on the seat in front while we kissed and I fingered her again...she had lowered her pants enough for me to get my hand down there.
That night was full of passion...licking her as she sat on the bathroom counters. Two times during the night attacking each other with raw passion.
Then Saturday...wow...we went to the movies...a porn store(first time for her). She went braless and pantyless for easy access during the movie...what was it anyway. And again ...during the night - two more love making sessions. All in all we both immensely enjoyed...for her to have one orgasm is slightly rare...this weekend was 3...

That was 2 weeks ago...and the words "I'm making you number one this weekend still ring in my ear"
I cant wait to her them again.....so I can connect all the letters...like a cursive sentence..in another long weekend of passion...


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