Do you believe in whims  

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5/16/2005 9:05 am

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Do you believe in whims

I was single, getting ready to receive my second degree. Had a beard (slightly scraggly) and glasses.

I been meeting with a group of singles for a little bit and on a whim, one, a girl, invited me to her birthday party.

I went shopping that day for a stereo (new freedom as an engineer). Bought a CD player, receiver, went home, set up stereo and was thinking on going to the party..

So on a whim, I went to it. Mostly people I didn't know. I was sitting on a couch when I very nice looking young lady came and sat down. She introduced herself. We started talking.

She happened to be very interested in the fact I was an engineer. Her dad was smart, and she was in and she was taking an environment engineering class for general education. We talked for a long time..till she had to go.

I walked her to her car. I didn't ask for her phone number (I can be a someone from AdultFriendFinder can attest to). Went back to the party.

I didn't ask the friend that invited me for the girls phone number (didn't seem right). SO instead, having known the class she was in I went to it when the Prof was not there and looked up her phone number (yep, I know....).

Gave her a call, asked for a date...she was busy on the day I mentions, but said that 4th of July was okay. So we went to Disneyland area, walked and talked....and saw the fireworks.

That was close to seveal kids, many chickens, a dog, some cows, numerous cats and many years ago..

She still can cause fireworks in my life (she's even thinking about redoing her boudoir pictures..her photographer wanted to use her as a model for them...we said no, but thanks for the honor).

So, if you ask me, I believe in whims....

How about you? Had any whims you were glad you took.

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