Wipe Out!  

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3/27/2006 3:55 pm

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4/11/2006 9:57 pm

Wipe Out!

Well the weather in Auckland and much of NZ was pretty crappy over the weekend with the tail end of the cyclone that nuked northern Queensland making its way to this side of the Tasman.

Butif there is one thing the Mush likes about sailing a 12ft skiff its going fast! So plenty of breeze is the RIGHT ingredient.

So despite the rain Mike (my crew) and I headed off to the club to go for a sail. With forecast of 35knots not too surprising to find the place deserted. The wind was whistling in the rigging, and I had some second thoughts, but true to form Mike being a fireman told me to grow some balls so out we went.

It was plenty fresh! Solidly over 30 knots wind speed. We made our way up towards Bean Rock with the mainsail ragging in the big puffs, after a tricky tack and a bear-away we got the gennaker and up and were heading back down the harbour, plenty of speed, the boat leaping right out of the water, but none the less a manageble ride for the conditions and awesome fun.

About half way back toward the yacht club there was a terminal crack - the sound that carbon fibre makes when it breaks! And quick as a flash the boat skidded out from underneath us and we were in the drink (capsized). The rudder was still on the back of the boat but hummmm - split in two soft wobbly pieces! Not much good.

So we got the main sail off, Mike back in the boat steering it like a surfboard with me hanging on the back like a see anchor to help steer and slow the boat down. Even under a tiny 4th rig jib we were surfing down waves draging all 100kgs of me through the water. About 15-20mins later we navagated through the wave fence on Orakei Bay and onto the rocks behind the new marina, where we derigged the rest of the boat, passing the gear up the rocks to the helpfull crowd of onlookers.

Oh the coastguard did show up - thanks guys! After all the drama was over and gave us a tow back around the marina to the ramp.

The list of carnage:
1 broken rudder
2 a cut hand from the carbon splinters (oouch)
3 Some very stretched arms on the Mush
4 Wounded pride and gutted about missing out on a good ride.

other than that not a scratch on the boat!

So perhaps we shouldn't have gone sailing, but testament to some seamanship and a lifejacket all ended well.

Check out the 12ft skiff sailing action on www.skiff.org.nz



velvethandsNZ 68M

3/29/2006 8:14 pm

MAte, ya need to change that boat from a raft to something real (pml)Maybe a shift from 12 foot to 12 metres would make it easier to play whenever you feel like, and lets face it, you're far more likely to have a Lady express interest in a floating bed than a floating plank (OK, that was a bit far I agree!! Sorry )

Seriously, I admire the seamanship, and using yourself as a sea anchor was a stroke of pure genius - so Good On Yer Mate, and many happy days on the ocean wave.

told you I'd probably leave a calling card didn't I lol

NiceGuyMush 46M

3/30/2006 6:29 pm

Well all can say is that I agree, but the morring fee's on a 12m yacht would drive me broke, so 12ft of exhileration is good for me at the moment!

Besides what you didn't notice about the photo is that it was taken in Sydney harbour (a yr ago) - but it was still a good wipe out, just after finishing 3rd in a heat of the Interdominions and right infront of the Manly Ferry with specators on board - a huge roar from the cheap seats!


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