Blog No 50!!!  

NiceGuyMush 46M
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8/10/2006 2:19 pm

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8/16/2006 1:06 pm

Blog No 50!!!

Well I have been putting this one off for two long... and promised Peche85 I would tell you all 50 things about me and my life.....

SO for those who are really bored with nothing better to do, or who are really interested (yeah right!) here go's...... well.... ME

1)Getting the time to start something can be pretty hard for me, but once I'm going and into it - watch out!
2)My spelling in emails and blogs is well less than perfect... I blame my fingers which sometimes/frequently get ahead of me.
3) I was born in Port Moresbey
4) Thats the capital of Papua New Guinea
5) IT was run by the Australians at the time, so I could apply for three different passports, PNG, Australia or NZ.
6) I am a kiwi through and through lived here since 2 1/2
7) Grew up in Christchurch
Went to the University of Canterbury
9) Have a masters degree - for whats it worth - sometimes not much, I make dumb mistakes just like anyone else - just proves that I can stick at something and get it done
10) My favourite past time is sailing - I love sailing!
11) My second favourite past-time is Field hockey, either coaching, playing, umpiring....etc
12) I serve on a board that runs a National Hockey League Franchise as a volunteer
13)I have been married once
14) I have been separated for 7 months
15) Breaking up is the hardest thing I have ever done
16) I have a daughter who is three and whom I love to bits - she is soooooo cute
17) I was married at 25
1 I was engaged at 22
19) I only ever had three girls friends before getting married - thats a bit sad!
20) I have had two flings since being separated
21) I enjoyed them both
22) I have a lady freind on the AdultFriendFinder whom I really like... but we have not met yet
23) I am always the nice guy who takes people home, rather than the guy who 'gets lucky'
24) I have not done a proper OE yet
25) I have done 10 days in Claifornia, last year - loved it
26) Been round most of Australia other than Perth and Western Territory
27) Fiordland is the only place in New Zealand that I haven't been
2 I can tell you where the yacht club is in every town in New Zealand
29) I can tell you where the hockey stadium is in every town in New Zealand
30) I have played school boy representative Rugby
31) I have played representative hockey up to senior mens, but not NHL
32) I like to keep fit
33) I don't particulalrly enjoy running
34) I had an operation for compartment syndrome in my shins 6 years ago. Running inflames them and makes them very sore.
35) I am the director of marshalls on the cycle leg of the NZ Iron Man event.
36) I think everyone who finishes an Iron Man deserves a medal - its a mean race!
37) This is a lot harder than I thought...
3 I live about 3 hours drive from Auckland but are there for work at least every second week
39)I spend a lot of time listening to the radio and CD's while driving
40) My favourite TV programs are Boston Legal and House
41) I also enjoy '24',
42) I coach a college hockey team - the 1st XI girls at the local college
43) I enjoy spending time with kids, teenagers etc - it keeps you young at heart
44) I enjoy a social drink with friends, but hate a hangover
45) I enjoy a good nights sleep in a comfy bed
46) I love the company of a good lady and electricity of touch
47) I lost my drivers licence once for three months through too many demerit points
4 The fastest speeding ticket I every had was 142km/hr passing two trucks on a long straight road (SH 27 for those who know it)
49) I firmly beleive that life is for living - thats probably why I lead such an active and busy life
50) Finding time to stop and relax is usually the hardest thing!

Well there you are 50 rambling thoughts and intimate details about me...
Hope you share them for your 50th Blog!

Peche85 31F

8/10/2006 5:45 pm

Didn't I say you should do 50 things you want to do before you're 50? Hehe. Maybe I suggested both. That is quite a list! I had no idea you were married before and have a kid! What is compartment syndrome?

maverick1255 51M
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8/10/2006 7:46 pm

Very good Mush! It is a LOT harder than you would think!!!

#23 - yep, been there MANY times!!!!
#24 - OE - what?

Just wait, when you get to 100 posts - you can do another 50 things about Mush!!! Better start thinking now!

chasingfun27 38M
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8/11/2006 1:07 am

#23 - Hell, I don't even get near their houses. (maybe I should be less of a bastard?)

Off topic: You ever visit Clements Road? - no 142km/hr there!

NiceGuyMush 46M

8/16/2006 1:06 pm

Peche - Compartment Syndrome is when the membrane sheath of skin (facia) around the muscle gets overgrown and isn't elastic enough to let the muscel expand in volume under exercise. End ruslt is screaming pain of miuscle failure and cramps as not enough oxygen can get to the muscle. Solution is to cut the leg open and put little vertical cuts in the membrane and loosely stitch it so that the circumference of the muscle expands.... Not the most pleasant experience in the world .... the pain or the operation - called a faciotomy, but not quite as scary as getting a metal plate in you cheek - didn't mention that one! Yeap I'm a metal head, of sorts!
As for fifty things before 50 - That seemed a bit too hard... in the current state of mind

Mav - OE is a Kiwi and Aussie term for a big trip oversease - Oversease Experience. We do it typically when young to go see the big wide world and then come home....

Chasing Fun - Hmm Clements Road - good 'Sika' hunting territory. Was pat of the club that rebuilt the Te Aringa hut into a nice little 'bush palace' before someone was a bit careless with a gas burner and torched the place. Avoid it like the plaugue in the Roar - too many hunters too keen to fire a shot before properly identifying their target!

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