A new laptop - Wizzy bang!  

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5/16/2006 2:51 pm

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A new laptop - Wizzy bang!

Last week I posted a funny about marriage being an operating system and how it could not be uninstalled - you couldn't go back to the girfriend operating system.

This was the comment on the post by sassyangle2006

"suggest you throw old computer away, ditch all programmes, and start new install of Hot Girlfriend 1.01 operating system straight away. All programmes come with money back guarantee, however please be warned that the bugs of said systems are still being worked out. If you have any problems please call our support centre. Our promise is to get back to you some time this decade. Regards. Support Manager 1.04"

Very whitty! She is a clever girl

Well the old lap top had been fried by a power spike down the phone line about 18 months back. At great expense (almost the cost of a new one) I had the mother board replaced, at that stage the laptop was only just a year old. But now it had become very slow, wouldn't start at times and was generally misbehaving. The word from the IT guru was get rid of it...

So step in the new Sony Vaio with its 1.8ghz processor, 1 gig of ram. Flash screen and all for $2,500 plus 'grab snatch and take' (GST). Very flash!!! It even has and in built camera for video conferenceing - I'll have to work that one out.... and this morning I managed to down load picturs direct from my phone to the laptop. Nice!

So watch out people the motorola phone has become a new aresenal in the paparatzi arsenal!

As for the new operating system,... still looking for that new version of "Hot girlfriend 1.0" or or even "girlfriend 2.0"!

sassyangel2006 52F

5/16/2006 10:57 pm

thats sassyANGEL but i'll forgive you cos you are just so cute...

so..new laptop but no girlfriend1.01 to load yet???? well thats a shame...

i hear they're having a special on them in some shops, but you really want to go for top shelf product. you get what you pay for huh!

glad wife programme has been ditched with old laptop. sometimes thats the best thing. throw out whole programme before it corrupts the entire system!

velvethandsNZ 68M

5/17/2006 5:46 pm

Try ONS-1.00 Low total outlay and works well with slightly tipped over laptop.

ONS (or One Night Stand to give it it's full name) usually boots up when you have unspent money and are in a local occupied by women who like to consume a variety of differently flavoured cock-tails.

THe main bug in ONS1.00 is that the main memory may remember the last user and used routines for a day or two, but that is being fixed in ONS1.1 which also has an abort routine if your couunting algorythem has added too many points and varied from the 1 each for every hour and drink after midnight up to a maximum of 10. Should you realise that the counter is not accurate ONS1.1 orders sufficinet drinks for you to catch upi with the counter quickly.

Enjoy your new found freedom, but remember that when wife1.0 and child1.0 are both undloaded from normal operating space lawyer slave systems ers1.5 and mine1.0 both are automatically loaded and start retrograding bank01 through 99 until emptied to limits unless mine1.0 is pre-emptive!


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