A love interest....  

NiceGuyMush 47M
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4/19/2006 2:53 pm

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5/2/2006 2:47 pm

A love interest....

A couple of weeks back I put a post on my blog about some interesting encounters with a neighbour of mine - 6 doors down the street.

So to continue the story ... after a crazy couple of weeks for the two of us, we finally had dinner last night, at her place lovely chicken salad with candle light and bubbles. Included over dinner was one very deep and meaningfull chat about life the universe etc and yes yes yes - she is very interested in me!

We then adjounred to my place to watch a DVD on the projector in the home theatre area I have set up....

Well the daughter was in the room so, things had to stay seemely shall we say, but under the rug with the lights out, there was a bit of kiss and cuddle going on till around 2 in the morning!

So slowly, slowly, (don't rush this one kid).... she is coming around again tonight with her kid to watch some more movies after dinner - I just gotta get some work on the boat sorted first. Then she has offered me a neck and back massage which I am definately going to take her up on!

Oops I hear the ladies say - that dam boat always seems to compete for time with a love interest!

The great thing is she is so natural and open. She really seems to understand that without being selfish, a lad has interests in life like sport needs to have some space to do those things because they are part of who that person is. But hey it is that Nats this weekend..

I still don't know her age, she is definately older than me by probably 4 maybe 5 years but I don't think that worries me somehow. She is just so dammed neat to be around and I am really enjoying her company.

rm_FineFella4u 66M

4/22/2006 3:34 pm

Don't worry about the age thing, there's not that much difference. If it works, it works. Be aware though that the greatest threat to your relationship is the daughter. If you don't get on with her, then she will kill it for you. But don't try too hard or you will give her the impression that you are trying to buy her acceptance.
Go for it, take it slowly and good luck.

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