Saturday, Jan 14, 2005  

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Saturday, Jan 14, 2005

I orignally signed up for this, only interested in sex. I'm not so sure about that anymore.

I don't have any digital photos of myself to upload, nor do I have access to a digital camera. Perhaps my blog can suffice until I can arrange this. You can tell more aout a person from these, anyway.

I watched a great movie today. It's called "Shall We Dance?", starring Richard Greer, Susan Sarandon, Jenifer Lopez, and others. The movie is a charming romantic comedy, with a target audience of adults instead of teens.

This was the second movie I've seen recently starring Richard Greer. The other was titled "Red Corner". I like Mr. Greer. He's a classy guy -- a Budhist with high standards.

I wonder if I'm too sensitive for this dating scene. It's been a long time since I've had a relationship. I certainly don't want to get involved with flakes. I'm not needy, but am demanding about respect, intelligence, and common courtesy. Hopefully there's others like this. I guess I gotta have faith that this will work out.

If you're reading this and wonder what I look like, well, I'm not particularly handsome, but I'm not homely either. Please be patient. I'll try to get a photo soon. However, I can say this: I look a little like Cary Grant, if there's very poor light and you need glasses.

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