New life  

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8/9/2006 11:45 am

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6/23/2007 10:51 am

New life

I just moved to Alaska and it is everything I had hoped. I have always felt the art inside of me but until arriving have never been able to channel it as I can now. It is like an explosion of life pouring out of me. I cant stop myself from creating. I dont want to. Feeling as I do is addictive. The last place I lived I had begun to explore my sexuality. I guess you could call it an awakening. I have always been very sexual and attracted to both men and women. I had my first M/M expierence last year. I know that with men I am a top but I prefer women. There is something to be said by taking a unfamiliar person into your arms, your hands, your mouth, and giving her pleasure. The taste, the smell, the texture of a moist vagina. The feeling of her grabbing your arms and throwing her head back in release as you bring her up and up to climax. I believe lovemaking is an art form. One to be explored and studied. It can be strong, powerfull, as brief as a supernova or as long as a Broadway play. It brings two, three, more people together in such a way that no nation has ever been able to replicate. I have this inner desire to please. Let us explore places together we have never been.

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10/1/2006 10:22 pm

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6/1/2007 8:16 pm

Can I say WOW..... Was hot just reading the blog... I can only imagine what a night with you would be like.... You sound so much like what we are looking for and what we are into... We are a couple hubby is bi and I am plus size girl.... We are looking for someone to explore and to take to new heights....Hope you fine the things in life that make you happy.....

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6/2/2007 1:39 am

Almost turned on reading this

Juice me...xx

Independent_Ms 44F

6/2/2007 1:55 am

Nice post, see I can be nice, not so scary after all! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad I stopped in here!

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6/5/2007 5:53 pm

Nice post...thanx for stopping by my blog

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swt_blk_pussy35 45F

6/9/2007 4:23 pm

you are a very beautiful and creative writer. I almost had an orgasm just reading it. I hope we cold meet someday.

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