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8/20/2006 6:59 pm
poem of the month

So here we meet again
On this bed that we've stained contently
Each time we lay together;
We become moist on our bodies so young and delicious

For the most exquisitely sweet taste
Is a warm delicacy which my tongue flicks between your thighs
The lips part between the sensitive folds
Dripping your juices that make my loins as excited as yours

I love your mouth and the art it can perform
As it devours in succulence while my masculinity begins to throb
You slide your waist over mine with addictive rush
Then smiles arise as we both release our tender moans

Smooth pace keeps heaven in consistency
Shouting your name with a grip on your hair to increase stimulation
I place saliva on my fingers seeking clitt
Rubbing and penetrating leave you in perfect glow

Heavy thrusts stir up a stupendous euphoria
Climax with fully embodied pressure as we tremble from pleasure
We shake with quenched urges in unison
While all this amazing sex will keep my mind repeating "Amen."

by drew

i was thinking my first post should be a poem even thou i didn't write it
hope to talk to more of you

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