On Seeking Oblivion: A poetic spouting  

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2/19/2006 1:58 pm

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On Seeking Oblivion: A poetic spouting

Felt kind of whimsicle today so I thought I'd spew out some poetry ...

Life begins in pain, grows through trials and suffers through neglect, hopefully teaching humility and supplying strength to those who choose to accept its lessons.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so whether life ends or simply a new beginning occurs we cannot know until we venture through the doorway of oblivion, at which time all things will become clear.

One thing is sure however, while we are here we can grow, learn and change: to not do so is to willingly accept oblivion and deny life.

Choose life ... do not darken the light of nature by ignoring her gifts. Enjoy the now and what you are - it may never come this way again.

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