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7/18/2005 9:08 pm

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My first post

This is my first post, and, coincidentally, it regards my first gay sexual encounter.

Now, I only recently discovered this about myself. Probably two or three months ago. And it hit me as a shock. But once it did, I knew that it was who I am. I also knew that I didn't want to come out to my friends. So, I searched, and found a couple of adult dating sites. My first was obviously this one. My other was the sister, well, you could call it bro...nah, sister site, Outpersonals.

That's where I met the man who broke me into the world of homosexuality. Today, I had my first experience, and it was more than I could've imagined.

We met, or at least contacted eachother through Outpersonals. I was actually unsure about it. I mean, I'm cute and all, but I'm not what one would call hot. So needless to say, I was worried about meeting the guy.

Well, we scheduled the meeating. It was awkward at first. A few of those silent moments. We drove around, looking for some place to go. Well, we couldn't find anywhere that would be considered normal, so we had to improvise.

We pulled into a trucking yard. Big rigs all around, and a forest behind it. We look at eachother. Another awkward moment. First times are always filled with those, so I've heard. Well, we walked back a ways, and found a trail.

Now, let me set the scene. I'm standing there, with an extremely cute guy. I mean, wow. I could realy see myself with this guy. The woods are absolutely beautiful. Just gorgeous scenery, and it seems like the ideal place to lose my virginity.

We have another awkward moment. We're not entirely sure what's gonna happen. He breaks the silence.

"So, what do you want to do?"

"Not really sure," I replied.

"You wanna do everything?" At this point I was turned on.

"I guess," I choked out.

We walked a bit farther down the path. Found the perfect spot by this tree.

"So, how do you wanna start?" he asked.

I was unsure, I mean, I'd seen movies, but I was still inexperienced. I decided to just go for it, and finally said it.

"Want me to start with a blowjob?"

He was kinda surprised, and yet turned on at the same time. He had that look in his eyes that just said yes.

"Uh, ok," he said.

I backed him into the tree. He pulled down his pants, and I kneeled down. I could see his member there, under his underwear.

No turning back now, I thought.

I pulled down the underwear, revealing his beautiful tool. He was already starting to get hard. Then, I threw away all my fears. Sure, I'd never given a blowjob, but it can't be that hard. After all, I've practiced with my various toys.

I put it in my mouth. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, the taste, the feel, everything. It wasn't bad. Actually, I kinda enjoyed it. I sucked him and sucked him. I could hear him moaning.

Wow, he's really enjoying this. Cool.

I stopped for a brief minute. I stood up, and pulled off his shirt. I kissed him, and then worked on his body. I went back to his cock. Licking his balls, massaging his happy member. I told him to lay back, and enjoy.

I hovered over him for a second, and started again. I finally decided I was ready to take it in. I mean, it seemed like a lot to take, but I'd figured, I've gone this far. Might as well go all the way.

He pulled the condom out of his wallet, and handed it to me. I placed it on his now erect penis, and stood. I bent over, spreading my legs for him. He stood behind me, ready to enter.


I never figured it would hurt like that. I mean, it was weird. It would've been different if we'd had more than a lubricated condom to do it.

Now, I've read on advice sites, that the best starting position for a beginner is missionary. So I said, we should try that. It'd help me be more loose. I layed on my back, and just took in the whole scene again. It was absolutely beautiful. I lifted my legs, and spread them for him. He was gentle. He placed it in, and paused for a second, making sure I was comfortable. He started pounding. And my God, it was great. Thrust after thrust, I could feel myself getting closer to climax.

I then stood up for him, and bent over again. It has to work this time, I thought. He put it in again. WOW!!! The feeling was incredible. I mean, incredible. He began thrusting again. I could barely contain myself. He finally said he was ready to shoot. I stood, and ripped his condom off. I kneeled down again, and took his whole member into my mouth. I sucked and sucked. He began moaning louder and louder. He finally screamed out, "I'm coming!"

He shot in my mouth. Again, I'd never tasted penis, so cum was also a new experience. It wasn't bad. I mean, it really wasn't bad. I'd expected something way more gross, but like before, I actually kinda enjoyed it.

We got dressed, and kissed. Now, like has been the theme, I'd never kissed a man. It was different than the girls I'd kissed. We headed to his car, and he drove me back to our meeting place. We said our goodbyes, and our see you laters. I drove off, just thinking about what I'd experienced.

Overall, it wasn't bad. I mean, I enjoyed giving head. The penetration hurt at first. Probably should've brought lube. But it was really really good once I got into it. I even enjoyed the facial. It was kinda awkward, but hey. It was our first time. You have to expect a little awkwardness with inexperience. I really hope we get together again. It'll make this blog more interesting, if nothing else. But he was a really nice guy. He was gentle. He made sure I was comfortable. And he was perfectly sized. Like, perfect size for a first time. Big enough so that I felt it, and enjoyed it, but not overly huge, where it hurt horribly.

He's definately a guy I'll hook up with again. Compassionate, caring, and good in bed. Or, on the grass, if you wanna get technical.

All I can say is, I'll never look at the woods the same again.

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