Playlist 5/12/05  

NewJackSwing 43M
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5/12/2005 12:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Playlist 5/12/05

This is just a few songs that I have on my Winamp when I am online. Hopefully there's some people who enjoy the same music as I do!


1. "Goin' Crazy" - David Lee Roth
2. "Wasteland " - Warrior Soul
3. "On The Loose" - Saga
4. "Sink The Pink" - AC/DC
5. "LoveCrazy " - Wild T & The Spirit
6. "Back For More" - Ratt
7. "Wake Up Dead" - Megadeth
8. "A Drug Against War" - KMFDM
9. "Keep Away" - Godsmack
10."For The Love Of Money" - Bulletboys

DirtyLilSecret66 55F

5/12/2005 6:39 am

Great choices! Another music connoisseur. Here's the ones that are on my computer that I play first thing every morning:

1. Hollow by Submersed
2. No One by Cold
3. Voodoo by Godsmack
4. Get Down Make Love by Queen
5. Lacerated by Shinedown
6. Time Is Running Out by Muse
7. Heaven's A Lie by Lacuna Coil
8. Serenity by Godsmack
9. Burning Bright by Shinedown
10. Hocus Pocus by Focus
11. Leader of Men by Nickelback
12. Make Up Your Mind by Theory of a Deadman
13. War Pigs by Black Sabbath
14. Enter Sandman by Metallica
15. Switch by Golden Earring

A bit eclectic, I realize, but what can I say ... I got the music in me.


NewJackSwing 43M

5/12/2005 2:42 pm

Those are some great picks you have as well!

I had never listened to Lacuna Coil before but my ex was really into gothic metal/black metal and she had me listen to them. I must say that I really like what I have heard from them and should buy some more!

Great to see as well there's another Godsmack fan! Of course I missed them when they came to town last November when Metallica came into town and were their opening act. From what a buddy of mime told me, they were AMAZING live and I feel sorry I had to miss them (I was working that night). Either way they STILL rock!

Never hurts to mix in the classics as well and some great choices .. Black Sabbath, Queen and Golden Earring? You can't go wrong! No way, no how!

You've got the music in you ... isn't that another song reference to the New Radicals for "You Get Hwat You Give"? or am I looking too much into things again? *lol*

Thank you my dear for coming through and saying hello!

DirtyLilSecret66 55F

5/12/2005 5:21 pm

I've Got The Music In Me by Kiki Dee ... and yes, that shows my age.


NewJackSwing 43M

5/12/2005 5:44 pm


Age is just a number!

And I got your message btw and replied

GuitarLord 45M

5/16/2005 10:02 pm

ok I never like to comment but heck here we the way zack mild has not learned how to play guitar yet. this what be on my computer.#1 is The burnt toast revival with I love some jesus cuz he sure can cook fish.then another favirite is My Butt Hurts by the east side anal , a kind of a band of sorts.Another goodie is Poop is what I like to smell in da morning by the pissed off israelis.And my all time favorite is farts make the world a better place by american idol favorites the God loves me and not you singers.SO peace out yo!!

missy97330 47F

5/18/2005 2:58 am

Have you heard "No Surprise" by Theory Of A Deadman? Good song, interesting lyrics.

NewJackSwing 43M

5/18/2005 5:23 am

missy97330: I sure have heard the song! Only problem is I can't escape it since it's played on my rock radio station herein town all the time! *lol*

Have you had the chance to see the video for that yet? I got a chuckle out of it. If you haven't, keep an eye out for it on Much Music/MTV .. it's quite ... interesting!

missy97330 47F

5/19/2005 8:45 am

I haven't seen the video yet, no. Too bad I fear it will become the new anthem for . I like the song otherwise. Catchy melody.

NewJackSwing 43M

5/22/2005 11:14 pm

missy97330 : Don't worry, the song won't become a new theme for ... it'll be fine .. the only thing that will happen is after you hear it a million times it'll drive you nuts!

rm_CecileB 41F
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11/22/2005 4:58 pm

Don't know any of these except for AC/DC (which I have enjoyed in the past ) ! Not exactly my cup of tea!

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