My Apologies  

NewJackSwing 43M
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6/1/2005 12:05 am

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My Apologies

Hey gang!

Hopefully this entry finds you all well and that everything is going well also.

Isn't it amazing that it's the 1st of June already? It seems like last week I was rolling in the snow cursing about how I hate getting stuck (No, and not stuck in a snowbank somewhere!) and how I can't wait for things to warm up. Those times are here and it should be a nice summer.

Not too too much to report on the news front other than that the Memorial Cup tournament to crown a Canadian Hockey league champion just wrapped up here. Of course the odds on favourites London Knights took the championship and wrapped up what was an amazing season for this city's team. Needless to say there's been a outpouring of civic pride for the last few days and it's been pretty cool.

Of course being a hockey nut I took in the festivities and low and behold I made a new friend along the way too. The fella's name is Stanley .. as in .. the STANLEY CUP! I know it's just a trophy but any self respecting hockey fan or Canadian for that matter knows the importance of this thing. I mean, it'ss omething I have seen on TV ever since I could remember the day I started watching hockey. So of course I was so thrilled they brought it in for the festivities all week for the Memorial Cup and needless to say I jumped (OK, rolled!) at the chance to have my picture taken with the silver trophy. I should also say that my team I cheer for, the Ottawa 67's were in this tourney so I wore my jersey on that day to show my support (plus they were playing the Knights that evening as well) too. Ah the looks I got ..

Anyways, that's me and Stanley "mugging" it up (bad joke I know) and what a dream come true it was to finally see it up close and in person! The history attached to that thing .. WOW!

That's all for now everyone. Again, I hope all is well and I will be sure to post something of more substance later! Also, thank you for your comments as always. I enjoy interacting with everyone who comments. Per usual (and if you like!) drop me an "E" through AdultFriendFinder and I will get back to ya!

Stay safe and smile always,


DirtyLilSecret66 55F

6/1/2005 8:18 am

You'll post something OF more substance, or WITH more substance?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


NewJackSwing 43M

6/1/2005 10:46 am

I think you know what I will be posting soon!

juju34single 46F

6/9/2005 12:02 am

I love hockey. Tried playing it as a kid though, and wasn't as coordinated as I needed to be, so I did soccer (football to some).
Back then I saw soccer as the closest to hockey I could get.

NewJackSwing 43M

6/9/2005 9:37 am

juju34single: Odd you should bring up footie! I LOVE footie just as much as I do hockey (but hockey is my #1 sport).

I tried playing footie as a kid but I just couldn't get into it but some years later though I did play wheelchair basketball and THAT was a blast!

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