Hmmm .. what to add  

NewJackSwing 43M
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10/6/2005 12:19 pm

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3/26/2006 2:29 am

Hmmm .. what to add

Well hey there everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

It's been awhile since I updated my blog and I'm glad that those who read my playlist enjoyed what I left there and it's great to see too that people still appreciate the classics!

I should say too that I haven't updated because I am not too sure what would be of interest to everyone to read. I go through my favourite blogs and check out corresponding links to other blogs and at the end of it all I came to a conclusion and it's this ...

It seems like alot of us pretty much cover the same thing(s) so in alot of ways it'd be repeating the same topic.

I know I could write about my exploits (which I really haven't had since I joined AdultFriendFinder) but even if I did I am such a private person I wouldn't really feel as if it'd be of interest for people to read anyways. Yes for some it may be interesting but I just somehow don't think mine would be any different than any "Harry", "Jane", "Dave" or "Sally".

In the end you could say that I have hit a brick wall when it comes to this blog. So it's time to put a question out to my readers here and it's this:

Jay's Question / Mini Survey

What would be of interest to you when you read my blogs?

What keeps you coming back to a writter you enjoy here in Blogland?

It may seem or come off like a silly question but I love entertaining people and want to make sure that when you stop by it's worth your time spent! It's all about you, the reader, with your thoughts and comments that make it worth the fun and time of doing.

All help and comments welcome! (except for the stupid ones!)

Take care,


PS: I thought I would post a recent picture but it's a shame that it's so small in the window. Ah well, can't blame a guy for trying right? Anyways, if anyone for whatever reason wants to see it just ask.

Ultraviolet_69 62F

10/6/2005 1:44 pm

Hello! Glad you're doing well. You have plenty to say. I like blogs that reflect what the person is thinking or tells stories (both XXX rated and not racy) I've always enjoyed your posts and look forward to interacting with you in the future. (I'm still working on that research funding lol)

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10/13/2005 3:27 pm


Just talk about whatever you feel like talking about the minute you sit down at the keyboard.

My blog is a big ol' mess, but people find their way to it anyway. LOL

There's room on this website to accommodate anything anyone wants to say.

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