NervousMale1963 53M
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12/16/2005 4:38 am

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3/18/2006 7:58 am


Been getting some views from some profiles saying that they are a "bottom guy" or a "top guy". I think I can figure that one out, but since I know NOTHING about the bisexual/gay male lifestyle, I am not sure.

Can someone explain this to me, or is it really as simple as it sounds?


SSBrownEyed40 51F

12/16/2005 5:40 am

That is not a dumb question,,,you need clarity,,so ask the what you need and go from there. good luck.

zoopc42 47M

12/16/2005 5:51 am

i am not gay but i knw the answer. it means would rather give or recieve. do you want to stick your dick int he guy or do you want his dick in your ass

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