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6/8/2005 5:23 am

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Inside my head (Set Theory & Group Dynamics)

Since I'm new to AdultFriendFinder, I had this thought that (perhaps) people might want to get a glimpse into how my mind works. So, as an example, this is a quick write up on how I believe people interact in groups, and how power and influence are controlled.

When people are in a group <<smallest group being a "Group of 1">>, there are what I call units of influence. The total amount of influence that a person has in a group is directly proportional to the ratio of 1 to the total number of people in the group. A Group of 1 would be 1/1, in a group of 2 it would 1/2, in a group of 3 it would be 1/3, etc. However, this ratio is MUCH more complex than a head count of the group. This ratio is the accumulation of all of the influence units to the total number of influence units, and there is a MUCH larger set of influence units than just the number of people in the group.

In a group one 1 there is only 1 IU (Influence Units), that being the individual.

In a group of 2 there are 3 IU. They are 1 person A, 2 person B, and 3 the set of AB where each person has .5 IU by virtue of being 1/2 of the AB set, giving each person 1.5 IU out of 3 IU or 1/2 of the total.

In a group of 3 there are 10 IU. So for the group A, B,& C, there are the following IUs:


Each person is a full "Single", 1/2 of two "Pairs", 1/2 of the "Pair of the Others" and themselves (i.e. A in A-BC), 1/2 of 1/2 (or 1/4) of the two pairs that are 2-1 (i.e. A in B-AC and C-AB) and finally 1/3 of the group as a whole.

The reason that these "sub-groupings" become important, is that each IU that exists exerts influence, and MANY in small groups, and MOST in larger groups (you can see quickly how the number of IU's can get very large VERY fast) are not given consideration or focus when interactions and consensus building is happening.

So the next time your "buddy" acts differently when you are engaged with others, stop to see which one of the IUs is your friend operating under, and is that the SAME IU that you were expecting/hoping for.

Anyway.... My "Off Center" Brain in action

NeoDemiGod 61M

6/8/2005 6:30 pm

Hey JayR63 - This isn't my "finished version" (it had colored text and didn't have the accidental smileys, and I *did* run that version through the spell checker, but your right, spelling (not to mention typing) aren't my string suit (which is odd considering the amount of time I'm typing for work. That's why God invented Spell Checkers (of course the AdultFriendFinder one sort of sucks, but "You Got the Idea". I may repost this entire thread (or not) it DOES show me as I am.

Thanks for the feedback

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