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7/9/2006 5:01 pm

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Well, this is my first shot at doing my own blog, so treat me gently.

About 2 years ago my original profile resulted in my meeting a gal from Pacifica. We seemd to hit it off but her situation was serious. She was being forced out of the apartment/condo she owned and really had no where to go.

We enjoyed each others company and were great in bed together, so I invited her to move in with me.

After moving in with me I began to realize I didn't know her as well as I should. She had some emotional problems from an earlier breakdown and she had a bunch of medical problems.

Then about a year ago, her 8 year old grandson came to live with us. His Dad was in prison and his Mom was essentially homeless and had a drug problem.

She is disabled and has no income so I am feeling a responsibility to stick with her and help out her and her grandson.

This is a tough spot to be in. She does not like living in the Sierra foothills as we do. Her health is a constant problem and the stress she brings on herself makes her very difficult to live with emotionally.

Now the real kicked - with all her medical problems, she no longer wants much sex and will generally not allow it.

I am highly sexed and have had a number of experiences where the sex in a relationship started off great but then dwindled down to a very limited proposition. I felt with this latest lady in my life that such would never be the case. Guess what? Because of her health issues, she no longer enjoys sex very much, insists on being the one to initiate sex and seldom does so.

I have tried to meet someone here on AdultFriendFinder and on Sex Search to have occassional intimacy so I don't go out of my mind and so my hands do not grow hairy.

I have had some success but recently lost my job. Now I really have little or no opportunity to engage in the intimate sessions I would like to have.

Essentially then, my profile needs to read that I am interested in occassional discrete relationships in the area around Placerville. I would prefer to do this with someone else who is in a committed relationship and therefore is interestd in a strictly discrete relationship.

All this sounds good but I recognize there seem to be hundreds of men in this area chasing just a few women. I am polite, mature and respectful. I know this goes a long way but it just seems like the competition is way too intense.

More later . . .

PussySoSweet2Ea 73F

8/1/2006 8:30 pm

How sad for you and what a horrible situation to wind up in being single. You are a fine looking man and that's why I clicked on your Profile but then I saw you are in California. My bad luck. I sure hope you find a nice lady who will help you release your pent up stress. I wish it could have been me. Good luck to you.

rm_pnk66 77F

12/16/2006 11:07 pm

But are you being honest with yourself? You are not doing this woman a favor by letting her be dependent on you. Perhaps you are really dependent on her, too. (Have you ever heard of the term, "co-dependency"?)

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