Where are all the freaky bi women?  

NeedPussyN2006 36F
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5/4/2006 6:32 pm

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5/24/2007 8:46 pm

Where are all the freaky bi women?

I've been on this site for almost 5 months and I have yet to find a freaky bi women. I'm in search of a woman/women who can turn me out and let me return the favor. I'm into all types of freakiness but who can I show this to. If you're in need of a good tongue thrashing hit me up and let me know! Holla back and let me know what extent of freakiness you are willing to go or let someone else go. I'm real about this so if you're not ready to be turned out, please tune me out!

tycosales 61M

5/14/2006 10:01 am

I like your profile updates, I'm getting a little tired of the games some people have played too. Especially the ones where you've reached the chat/phone call stage but no time ever seems to fit "their" schedule or "something" always comes up.

Welicalotopus 53M/44F

5/18/2006 4:19 pm

We can't find a bi woman to be with. Maybe some of you could think about the couple thing? Just a thought. More pleasure for you right.

rm_toosweet3016 45F
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3/24/2007 1:34 pm

All I can say is darling I am sorry, you are having difficulties. But there is alot of freaky people on this site. I believe the problem is that there are afraid to let there freakiness cum out and play. I am happy my first meet on AdultFriendFinder was a sucess. Very respectful woman. And we freaked it out and now I am turned out and luvin it. So I do think I agree withWelicatotopu that try the couple thing. Most of the time the freaky bi women are married anyway. Good luck baby!


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