Sunday Morning  

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11/13/2005 7:13 am

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Sunday Morning

Top of the mornin' to your rose-colored glasses on this morning? I do....

Hope everyone is doing well out there, Its another Sunday. Bright and sunny as can be, all my leaves are piled neatly at the curb, and its hard to be upset about anything when its this awesome. ev'rything just comes up roses...

And I am becoming less jaded for some reason, not sure how that happened, but - even with some of the events of this past week, I am not nearly as Jaded as I should be. Hmmmmmm, better check the biorythm cycle and see if this will last??!

So I sat around last night and watched football (Yeah, Auburn beat GA...he he he) instead of being productive, or going out anywhere or getting drunk and looking at the local fauna. Or browsing thru profiles, etc. And I'm not brooding this morning about waking up alone on another Sunday morning, while the rest of the world snuggles in with whomever it is they are married or attached to. For that IS what Sunday morning is all about.

Time to get on with the day, it should be a good one. Perhaps, my mood will get even better as the day goes on? Might even get a phone call today that will really make me happy? Hope so - Monday is coming and that always sucks no matter who you are!

keep smiling

the (notso)NearlyJadedOne

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