Sensual vs Sexual  

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10/30/2005 2:34 pm

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Sensual vs Sexual

So I was plowing around the blogs among the local fauna just to see what some folks might have to say - "topical" advice, since I don't want everyone to think I'm really that much of a stick in the mud from some of the human commentary I put up here, so I'm looking for ideas for some new deep and philosophical material - and I ran across one with the topic of sexy vs sexual, posted by a very deep and intelligent young woman (who is very sexy, btw - see StreaktheFreak) and my comment to her post got me thinking about another of those oft misinterpreted concepts - being sexual vs sensual.

Sexual is defined by Webster as simply "characteristic of, or involving sex, the sexes, the organs of sex and their functions, or the instincts, drives, behaviors, etc. associated with sex."
Sensual, on the other hand, is defined as "of the body and the senses as distiguished from the intellect or spirit; bodily..."

I venture to state that they are therefore as different as men and women. Follow me, here, before you scoff and click the back button - sexual things are all those things that make us think about sex, pornography, photos, dirty jokes, etc. - Generally they are cues to thoughts that we all have that start the process of finding sexual activity. This is something most would associate with males, as we are indeed visual creatures and are stimulated (quite easily and effectively) by images of a sexual nature, and suggestions of the opportunity to engage in sex.
Sensual things, however, are those things that make us FEEL like having sex - there's no thought process involves, no visions, no suggestions, just that touch of the right erogenous zone that causes a wave of feeling to roll across the body, and you just KNOW what is about to happen. The mind is not in any control, you simply feel it. This is, to me, associated with the female gender - as women generally have to feel something in order to want sex and are not affected as readily by "sexual" things - suggestions, talk of sex or dirty jokes, photos of engorged genitalia - those thoughts have far less impactthan they do with the male gender.

It has been said numerous times by numerous people more intelligent than I that men use love to get sex, and women use sex to get love. Women are truly seeking that FEELING, that sensuality that evades the male psyche. Men, on the other hand - think about sex, and draw the conclusion of love based on the amount and quality of sex that they get...
Men vs. Women?
Thought vs. Feelings?
Logic vs. Emotions?
Sexual vs. Sensual?

I see them as analogous...

So - I seek your comments, as I am just an idiot here with my opinion and my "NearlyJaded" take on the slanted world I see.

And yes, the photo has symbolic meaning...(it is debatably sexual, not sexy - and definitely not sensual)

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