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10/23/2005 8:13 pm

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Revised attitude

I have returned from my weekend to find myself a little bit recharged and more pleased about being who I am.
Thanks especially to the person who wrote me and offered to cheer me up! -You know who you are

But I had some time to think as I took my long drive this weekend, and that always tends to clear my mind. While I am still having dreams that I'd like to forget, and not sleeping all that well altogether, I am not as cranky as I have been recently about the way I perceive the world and its treatment of me.
I have resolved to ignore the things that make me crazy and not empower them to affect my attitude, just to continue on the path that I know I must take and concentrate more on what I have than what I don't...
"Success is never final and Failure never Fatal" has been a creedo I've followed for years, -it means that no matter how good you got it, you gotta keep trying, and no matter how bad the risk might be, you gotta take it. And it seems I have somehow forgotten that somewhere along the line.

Thanks to some very loud music cruising down th road in the 'stang, I have remembered

[and at an exorbitant rate of speed, I might add - a special thanks to the guy in the Pontiac G P GTP who thought he could get away from the "steed" by stomping the gas pedal up the mountains It was fun playing with you Too bad its not fast enuff]

But anyway - I hope that none of you out there read what I wrote and thought of me as the caustic & abrasive bastige I must have sounded like, forgive me for being a little upset for a few days.

Birthdays'll do that to ya sometimes, especially when it changes your outlook on how old you really are (I'm no longer in my early 30's ), and add a few brainless people who have the audacity to ask what's wrong with you that you are THAT old and never been married...

So I promise to express more positive thoughts, and again must express a sincere thank you to the kind person who extended sympathy and put a smile on my face...and the others who expressed some interest to lift my spirits and my self-worth back to a normal level.

I look forward to talking to you all.


The(Less) NearlyJaded One

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