Nice guys finish 43rd  

NearlyJadedOne 47M
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10/19/2005 4:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Nice guys finish 43rd

Hey there -
Sitting around, getting ready to hit the road for the weekend tomorrow so I will miss all you people for a few days who read my stuff and email me all the time. I'm a"nice" guy that way...

Wait - what was I thinking? There isn't anyone who reads this crap I write, or who emails me or expresses any serious interest in figuring out who I really am. Cool - the pressure is off, I have no one to miss. excellent.

I am getting curious. I am not a good player, I have never been able to be fake nor forward enough to say "hey baby, wanna fuck" or ever have I felt the urge to email someone just to call them a bitch. Yes, that means I am a "nice" guy.

Yeah, I'm not probably being very emotionally attractive right now, but what does anybody care? This is a skin site, and all anyone cares about is how good the skin looks anyway, right? Superficial bullshit - Hey, LOOK AT ME!

No, sorry, not into that - I am a "nice" guy...

So another thing I gotta get off my chest here, I now understand all the girl seeking girl profiles that start out by saying read the whole thing, or NO MEN, or not interested in a man, as apparently most men are indeed stupid or illiterate or just plain pushy bastards...AND If another gay man sends me email or wants to chat I'm going to lose it. I AM NOT EVEN REMOTELY INTERESTED. But, I am a "nice" guy...

I'm also not judgmental enough to email them and tell them....Maybe I should just post it in my profile - "Gay men not appreciated" or "Women ONLY"....Yes, I have a flat stomach and a nice ass (apparently) but it is for intergender use only! Please do not appreciate the nice guy tummy if you are a man...

So how long will it take before I am more than "almost" jaded? Maybe its time to take a lesson or two and quit being such a "nice" guy?

Love to hear from anybody... please...being a "nice" guy is all I know, and 43rd is a lonely position

JustSayHi2006 56F

11/3/2005 4:47 pm

Well there's nothing wrong with being a nice guy and I really don't think the not-so-nice guys are less lonely, even if they are "getting lucky". But they probably aren't.

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