Deep thoughts about the shallow gene pool  

NearlyJadedOne 47M
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10/15/2005 6:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Deep thoughts about the shallow gene pool

I began thinking again about my handle, and what it might mean to people who read it, and my profile and I just want to say that "Nearly" is the operative word in there...

I am nearly jaded, and have grown callous enough to not be bothered by the displays of immaturity and the lack of integrity that I see, no matter whether they are new versions of another old trick, or just plain thoughtless gestures from thoughtless minds. This is cause to be "Jaded."

How about folks who demand the truth, and then don't believe it when it comes? Or become irate when its not what they wanted to hear. If you aren't built of the right stuff to accept the truth in whatever form it may come, realize that you need shielded from it - tact, compassion, keeping the "evil" thoughts from coming out in expression...("you want the truth? You Can't HANDLE the truth!")

Whatever happened to people who said what they mean, and mean what they say? Is this a product of the anonymity that the online experience brings? Or a product of never feeling the need to make excuses for our overly busy lives? Or has the value of a person's word come to not matter in the world anymore?

I make these comments not solely of my online experience here, but in my daily bumblings about the world at large. But no matter how it sounds, I am NOT jaded (yet) - I keep a positive attitude and hope to someday be able to have people around me in my life whose values are similar to mine. Excuse me now, I must forge onward in my quest.........

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