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10/28/2005 5:34 pm

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Bloggity Bloggity Bloggity

Yeah, sorry, it was the best title I could come up with, ok? So I miss Fox doing the races on Sunday, shoot me...

Another Friday, managed to survive another week at work, but to no avail - I feel pretty beat up tonight for it, and still don't have anything to truly look forward to. Weekends are made for that, and unfortunately the most I have to look forward to is a potential party...Halloween costume-type party, no less. I guess I may try and have some fun with it, beats sitting around.

I am totally shocked at the number of views I am getting on the blog here, can't figure out who you must all be - but thanks, it makes me feel a little less jaded. But it would be nice to actually receive an email once in a while...

I used to adore Halloween, back when I was a young and crazy kind of guy - HEY, what am I thinking? There's some crazy left in me somewhere, I hope Need to rebuild that sense of excitement I used to have for my favorite holiday.

I had a live-in girlfriend (the only one EVER) a couple years back now who was born on Oct 31, and somehow it all is kinda ruined. She was about mature enough to make the first grade, and eventually I recognized her for the psycho hose beast that she was and helped her walk onward ... What is it about nostalgia that leaves that same bad taste in your mouth?

Not to dwell, though, keeping with the "happy thoughts" theme - I am a nice guy , and out there somewhere is a nice girl that fits snugly into my dreams and makes me desire her with every passing moment. I just gotta wave my arms high enough in the air so that she notices me among all the players and jackasses, right? Hellooooo, over heeeeere

If I didn't truly believe that, I'd be the TotallyJadedOne, and there's be no sense in being here, searching every day for miss right. Or at least miss right now ...

Well, so much for today's little blog session, be careful out there, fellow bloggers, you never know who you could be letting in the front door...and don't get sucked in by any of those players. It's much more fun to be sucked ON!

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