I'm Addicted. I need Help. I admit it.  

NawtieBBWwantsit 45F
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4/5/2006 12:55 am
I'm Addicted. I need Help. I admit it.

I couldnt even go two whole days without my cell phone. I was waiting at the door, like a crackhead needing a fix, an hour before the place opened up.

Same number.

I'm weak!!!

When the employees started arriving, I was standing there with my wind blown mane, sticking up all over my head. It looked like I hadn't touched a brush in a year! I had red lipstick smudged on the top of my nose, how it got there is a mystery. My mascara had gotten in my left eye and the results from that made me look like I had a black eye, from a distance. Up close I just looked insane.

I got a lil pissed when the new guy walked up and handed me a dollar, before his co worker had gotten to the door, I said "just keep your god damn money you cheap fucker, I just need my cell phone turned back on!!" in a rather loud tone of voice. Thats when Juan or is it Jose? Jesus? Ah hell, One of those hispanic J names, walked up and said "you cell phone addict you", to which I replied with "just shut up and open the goddamn door Javier before I go completely insane because I can't get my fix." He laughed the whole time I was there. Did this seem abnormal? NO. People often laugh at the crap I say or the actions I take.

His name is NOT Javier btw, He has a name tag that I never read past J. LOL.

Oh yeah.. I went to the bank and then the grocery store before the urge for a trip to the restroom came into play.

I walked in the restroom at Ingles and about pee'd on myself when I looked in the mirror. I had to hold in the laughter until my butt hit the toilet. And there I sat, pissing and laughing like an idiot escaped from her village. The tears from the laughter did very lil to improve my new insane look, So I washed my hands and then my face at the sink.

To some, this would sound like a bad day for Nay. But in reality, This is normal. I just laugh at myself and go on. I'm only a perfectionist when it comes to money. Everything else is just gravy baby

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