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Navycock67 30M
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10/27/2005 12:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What I Want

This is a dedication to someone special, my desires, whom I want more than anything else right now. Everyone is welcome to it though and welcome to comment and email me with request, suggestions, or anything else. But for you Desires I will finish what I couldn't tonight. Hope you like it and it gets you like it does me.

I want to throw you on my bed on your back and then climb on top of you pinning u beneath me pressing my body against yours kissing you passionately guiding my tongue around yours as I run my hands up and down your body then I would nibble on your lower lip kissing and licking my way to your neck biting into your neck and sucking on it then moving lower I would kiss my way across your throat so that I can give both sides of your neck lots of attention because whatever I do to one side I do to the other then I would lick my way up to your earlobe and nibble and suck on it playing my tongue across it then switching to the other ear but not without giving you another long breathless kiss then I would lick and nibble my way down to your chest moving so gently towards your breast grazing the inside of your thigh with my hard cock as I move to take your breast into my mouth sucking it into my mouth brushing my teeth along the way and being to tease your nipples with my teeth, tongue, and lips licking your entire nipple and then breathing on it letting my warm breath caress your tender skin then I would take all of your breast into my hand and try to take all of it into my mouth nibbling as draw back and look up at you as I move onto your other breast. I would give it just as much attention pleasing you as much as I can. I would then continue down your tummy kissing and nibbling my way across it. Biting into your stomach just below your navel pressing my teeth hard into your soft skin until you reach that blurred line between pain and pleasure and gasp. Then I would move lower towards your most sensitive and sensual parts. I would breathe lightly against your pussy barely dragging my tongue across your lips then kissing the inside of your thighs. Spreading them as far as they will go so that I can see your pussy spread out in front of me in all its glory. Then I would look into your eyes as I lower myself between your legs and begin to eat you out. I would lick the inside of your cunt tasting your delicious juices and savoring the feel of my tongue inside you. I would then reach my arms under your legs and pull you in as close to me as possible so I can explore your pussy with my tongue as my hands caress your breasts. I would then lick the roof of the inside of you and in one long slow line drag my tongue out and up the outside of your pussy ending with your clit. Then I would suck it into my mouth and begin to tease it over and over with my tongue and teeth lifting my mouth so that I can breathe ever so gentle against you. I would eat you out until you are ready and wet and want my cock hard and deep inside of you. I would then climb back on top of you and press my cock hard and long against your clit. Let you feel the thick length of him rubbing against your clit. I would then raise myself above you holding myself up with one arm in a push up as I use my other hand to rub my head across your lips and clit ant tease your pussy with my dick. Then guiding my cock into position I would thrust myself into you in one long hard thrust. Then I would draw myself back out of you slowly inch by inch until just the very tip of me was inside of and then I would begin to penetrate you again. Thrusting harder and faster this time and then drawing myself back out. Penetrating over and over finding a rhythm where my hips thrust and yours rise to meet me and as I draw closer to orgasm I would slow down to longer deeper thrust then speed back up so that I can last longer. I would continue building back up then backing off. Coming so close to orgasm then drawing back until after an hour of so has passed and I am sweaty and ready to explode from all the pleasure I would speed up and pound myself deep and hard into until I crash over the edge of pleasure and draw myself out of you to cum. I would guide myself towards your mouth so that you feel my hot explosion of orgasm in your mouth and in your throat. Then after I cum and the last of my seed is spent I would ask you to suck my cock and clean the cum of me with you mouth. As I finger you and then eat you again. Then tired and spent I would wrap you in my arms and squeeze your naked body against mine. Kissing you and cuddling as we both recover and recollect ourselves. I would hold you and treasure you as no other. Smiling and kissing you tenderly as only a lover can. As we bask in the afterglow.

I want you! So call me or email me.

And anyone who enjoyed this and would like more email me and I will do whatever you want. ANYTHING.

DesiresMoreOften 60F  
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10/27/2005 4:46 am

WOW!!! what else can I say?

except you could have left out :And anyone who enjoyed this and would like more email me and I will do whatever you want. ANYTHING. > lol

Navycock67 30M
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10/28/2005 8:51 am

Well it is a post on the internet and I wasn't sure if you would like it so I wanted to cover my but if you didn't. Always have a back up plan and be prepared. But if you want I can delete it and make it just for you becuase really thats what it is. LOL! I will talk to you later. Bye sweety.

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